1. I love everything about space. I’m trying to be an aerospace engineer then use that experience to become an astronaut. No one can possibly comprehend how much I want to take this masterclass, sadly I’m too young and don’t have enough money. I was born to go explore the galaxy. I don’t know if I can do it. Sorry for rambling and wasting your time.

  2. LIARS ALLL OF THEM LIARS!!!!!!!! you will hopefully one day be brought up on treason charges for lying and subverting your own country. How any of you idiots believe NASA and their fake moon explorations is beyond me. So just a refresher for all you mindless sheep on this video, so NASA went to the moon decades ago 6 times all with very little actual footage, and then since then has never made another attempt nor has any other country on this earth ever been there. So they made it up to the moon six times all with out a single in flight failure, they never crashed or got off course. Thats like performing the most insane journey expieriment known to mankind into a place we have no idea how to actually navigate and every single mission was a sucess. Yeah right total BS, how come no other country has given it a shot? Because they know its impossible. And that lead you to question, if all these other foreign countries are aware that its nearly impossible to go to the moon, why are they allowing all of us to be fooled and lied to? Thats exactly the time the world started to become the new world order, able to get together and prey on all of our minds and money. WAKE the FCK UP before its too late, life is too valueable to play their sick game!!!

  3. What up with the dislike system?! I see a bunch of comments saying the video has a lot of dislikes but i only see 84 dislikes on a video that has been watched over 1.1 million views. Even though, i don't even understand why people would dislike the video, so from that perspective 84 is a lot.

  4. Nice try ball earth believers! The moon creates its own light, 8 inches per mile squared doesnt equate to any kind of observable reality!! You guys'll figure it out

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