1. "We call out on citizens to help us prevent crime." Fuck you! We don't get paid to do your job for you, matter of fact we pay you to do it so why should we be monetarily penalized for not helping you do your own fucking job!

  2. This is flat out theft and extortion. Thugs in uniform are worse criminals than the mafia and should be accountable under the same RICO laws. The RICO Act is a law to shut down Organizes Crime Gangs such as the mob or street gangs.

  3. Seriously??!!! When I HAD a Car…it was 20yrs old & the COST of REPLACING a WINDOW, is Extensively MORE, Than Whatever a Criminal MIGHT Want INSIDE My Car!!!
    Know HOW I KNOW THIS???
    Because the very Last time I got to Drive my car…It BROKE Down at my job, WaWa….
    Now, I had what I Thought Was An Honest & RESPONSIBLE Mechanic! He came into my store all throughout the day, EVERY DAY. Plus, he had Helped me out of a jam or two…by Coming to Me. So..Blah Blah, Yada Yada…he started working on my car in the store parking lot.
    He made the mistake of leaving a few Tools in it one day…the next morning…
    BOTH OF MY WINDOWS HAD BEEN SMASHED and Because it had Rained, Heavily ALL Night Long…the Inside of my car was DESTROYED!!!

  4. A very good car thief can open and start a car faster than a guy with a key who is not in a hurry .

    One thing bad for this man is the fact that we can see if the car is not locked because the knobs are at the top of the doors so the policeman can see it without trying to open the doors and that's discrimination because when it's inside the door they don't see if it's open and they are too lazy to check on foot.

    By the way I know the law exist in Quebec for more than 30 years because I know a police officer who never locked his doors and his partners (when you have friends like that you don't need enemies) put the ticket inside his car and closed the doors in front of his house.

    It was in the 80' and the fine was not very high but he was pissed because he was not a policeman who give a lot of tickets .

  5. Wooooow, & some of these ppl are ok with being fined & that the fine isn't high enough?! 😨😨 But wait, since when did a locked car door keep thieves from stealing them? Someone tried to steal my car back in the early 2000, my door was locked. The only thing that stopped them was a lock I had on the steering wheel, which they tried to saw off to no avail! Jeez, what's next? 😑

  6. Any "law" forced upon a person that rips away free speech , monies, travel, or just existing is barbarianism at its peak. This is not America anymore and if Trump thinks this behavior forced at gun point upon the people of this country is a great thing he is dilussional.

  7. The reason for no seat belt on school bus; you try telling someone else's unruly child to put on their seat belt then repeat that 30 time. The bus will not go no where for some time.

  8. These cops are out of control. The police are the fucking thieves in this report. In fact, it is the government agencies and their Constitution violating police that are the kingpins of theft. ALWAYS FILM THE POLICE AND HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE TO THE LETTER OF THE LAW

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