CBD Oil: Magic Performance Elixir or Made Up Scheme?

What is all the hype around CBD oil? Whether you’ve heard about it yet or not, it’s getting a lot of buzz amongst athletes at all levels. Known for its pain relieving …


  1. Blimey, I was just looking at whether to buy some of this stuff this this week! Thank you so much Elizabeth. It really does sound like it will help me in my winter "get my running back on track" season over the Christmas break. Thank you again for all of your tips and videos, hopefully this will help my sleep too.

  2. CBD is basically garbage without the THC. CBD and THC work together. For either of them to have any actual benefits they need to be combined. Its the entourage affect. I run 50+ miles every week and I fully use cannabis. THC+CBD Edibles, and a strong indica to vape after a long run to cool the muscles.

  3. How do you think this best fits in an overall fitness and health maintenance regimen? I think it might be easy to view it as a panacea for a myriad of symptoms. Hemp related products have, after all, only recently been legalized and I'd be concerned about long-term effects. What does the research suggest for long-term impacts?

  4. But fr personally im a 4:30 miler, 9:50 2 miler, and 16:00 5k, and i used cbd during my most recent collegiate season and it honestly helps so much with muscle soreness and recovery! In addition to that it helped me sleep and a 2 hour nap felt like i got a full night's sleep, so highly recommended on my part

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