Cannabis News – A Marijuana Education | Ep. 290 | 12-14-2018

Joe Klare discusses a college marijuana course, a new study on cannabis and memory and Oklahoma’s roll-out of medical marijuana. 12-14-18 – Ep. 290 | The …


  1. 788 was written by the people, for the people, Using petitions, we were able to avoid going through the legislature and, instead, went straight on the ballot and to a vote of the people. I am from Oklahoma and proud to have been a part of legalizing medical marijuana here. We are out there already trying different cannabis strains from different dispensaries. It has been a wonderful experience and it will be a fantastic, much needed new industry for our state. Happier days are ahead for Oklahoma.

  2. Hey Joe, I am one of the co-authors of 788. If you want to know the real reason why Oklahoma is so different, you have to look back on how we authored our law. We did so in open meetings, with the text posted on Github, and we did the best we could to achieve consensus in a statewide community of activists, patients, and community organizers. That's why 788 had broad support across the political spectrum here in Oklahoma as well as broad support in the medical cannabis community. We built this law for patients and in the political environment of Oklahoma, which forced a quick rollout. Those hard deadlines were chosen knowing that if we gave them too much rope, they would hang us. 90 days was enough time to implement an online system, which is what the law called for. This was a perfect storm in many ways.

    Luckily we recorded a few of these meetings so they were not lost to time, when you are in the middle of something it is notoriously hard to document everything.

  3. I'm glad to see you covering Oklahoma again. So proud of our state. We had several secrets. I was in the organizing meetings for our MMJ law. We didn't trust the politicians and saw how long it took in other states. Our law gave the health department 30 days to create the application forms for businesses and patients. Then we gave them 30 more days before they had to start processing applications. The law only gave them 14 days to process a submitted application. None could be rejected by law if they met the minimal requirements. So we did not give them an open ended time frame to liniment the law.

    We also wanted a complete free market that Mom and Pop operations could compete in. So our license fee for a dispensary, processor or grow is only 2,500 dollars. So boom we took off like a rocket. And yes LBJ was the last dem OK voted for. What has also kept the poiticians at bay is that out of around 100 state house districts about 75 voted for MMJ. So most of our newly elected politicians come from pro cannabis districts.

    I'm also curious. Our law allows people from other states with MMJ cards to get a temporary card in OK, best to do it ahead of time. Also our law prevents a business from firing an employee if they test positive for THC and have a card. I pushed for that back in 2016 when 788 was being written because Colorado's supreme court had just OKed the firing of a patient for off duty use. I'm not sure, but I think that makes our law pretty unique.

  4. It's going so well it's almost scary here in Oklahoma! I can drive 5 minutes from my house and buy flower! I think the success was from the special committee that was formed & met weekly. Just hope our new conservative governor doesn't jack it up! 🤔🙄😏🤨

  5. I am from Okla: One of the 'secrets' was that the proposition passed just as the legislature adjourned for the year. Therefore time had run out for 'them' to do much damage. And thus; the law, as written (and written very well) was out of the gate at full gallop before the gate keepers could tinker with it. 'The people have spoken'. Perfect storm. Amen.

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