Cannabis Longley – When Weed Saves Your Hangover

Chad is suffering a serious hangover from the night before. But worst of all…he’s out of weed. Will Chad survive? DON’T BE LEFT IN THE.. UM.. SMOKE.


  1. You guys are awesome and I truly dreamed of something such as this youtube channel and future. Seeing it all happen before my eyes is truly a blessing and I'm so proud to be a part of the entire journey for cannabis.

  2. 🔌🍃🎒🛫🚚
    Serious Inquires ONLY:
    Shipping Included
    Half(14 grams)$70
    QP/4 Ounces(112 grams)$430
    Pound(16 ounces)$1400
    2 P’s $2500
    Medical Grade Strains in stock: Purple punch, Gelato, Slimer OG, and Grandaddy Purp.
    For more info on strains, prices, shipping info, live pics/videos of what the bud is looking like, etc.,
    Instagram: BitcoinServant
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  3. Yes!! The emergency stash!!
    ….Not always the best bud if you're anything like me and end up smokin' all the good stuff, leaving the shit on standby, but well worth having on for such times (Weed's the best for hangovers)!!
    The dramatic action music worked a treat in this video! Great work guys!! x

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