Before You Even Get A Hot Dog Cart

Know this: Before you even get a hot dog cart. Ben and Jason (of Love Food Truck) fame share some tips on getting started with little to no risk and how to make …


  1. i have no choice but to wait cause my wife could only be able to get a loan out next year in February or march for the inspection,, DBA ,, etc..etc.. but do really enjoy the videos from a learning stand point learned a lot so when iam ready i pretty much have an idea of what to expect but always learning something new from Ben and company also will be joing VU in January

  2. I set up a table and crockpots last Saturday, got started a little after 11am and made $148. I should have stopped earlier because it was really slow at the end but not too shabby for vending from a fold up table out of the back of a van. Got a used cart delivered on Tuesday but still don’t have a name yet, since you talked about names on this video I could use some help here.


    PS: found out if I start for tips I don’t have to meet all the licensing etc, already have a local food bank as a recognized charity to support who said they’d help get the word out for me so we help each other. Another charity we support is MPS Society as we have a special needs daughter with MPS.

  3. I wanted to start street vending months ago.. State and government want more money than I have at the moment to get my licenses and fees. Plus the course I am forced to take for restaurant management …even though I have been cooking and Private catering for 4 years already.

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