1. I don’t follow a SINGLE tutorial in my everyday life. I literally am trying to figure out how to wear no foundation but still use it but NOT look like I’m using it.

    I basically have a face uniform of as little foundation and concealer as humanly possible and a red/plum lip. I don’t even use mascara anymore because I feel like it’s too much to bother with.

    But I LOVE watching tutorials….basically I want to look like Beyoncé on her instagram when she’s just got a bold red lip on but her skin literally looks like someone misted water on her and it was perfection.

  2. Ya know, I kinda still do watch for tutorials. I been feeling oversaturated with the reviews and impressions that it's made me want to make more videos just on certain looks. I've noticed I watch bits and pieces of tutorials, because I'm looking for techniques, and mediums used more than anything. Like 'makeupshayla' has my favorite blacked out smokey eye, (thats years old) and 'madeyewlook' really helped me with shading on random sfx stuff. I feel like it feels like a dying art, but I enjoy it. (but I also enjoy watching AntsCanada on 2x speed, so who am I to judge anything! hehe)
    I've been enjoying others videos like, '3 looks 1 palette' and I've seen a few videos where people are combining 2 common palettes to create 3 (or so) looks. I like those inspo style vids.

    I'm not sure what the point of this comment was, lmao. Super ramble.
    I like your deep dive informative videos, and your mac highlighter treasure trove, and especially your witty sarcasm!

  3. It's interesting that quite a few people in the USA have had their melt palettes damaged yet I'm Australia and I've received Smoke Sessions, Gemini and 27 all in pristine condition.
    I've noticed quite a few YouTubers receive other brands damaged in the USA. Sorry to say this but I think you may have extremely underpaid postal workers or couriers. Or maybe the parcels are used for the NFL or something😶.
    I've only just discovered you channel. Love it/you even though I don't know you. Awkward😍🕊💚

  4. I watch makeup videos to be inspired. I might do sections of the video… like I might be inspired by a technique and so I will try to copy it. But I’m not going to sit down and follow step by step. So glad you are back ❤️ You are one of my favorite makeup artists. I love your vision and I value your opinion on products, so it’s lovely to see you posting again!

  5. I do watch tutorials and recreate parts of them. Not the whole look usually but particularly with eyeshadows I'm better watching how someone else uses them first. I often will google palettes I have and then watch tutorials using them to get ideas of what to do. I guess I'm not creative enough to think of how to use them by myself and I get in a rut using the same 3 colors every day without the inspo. Recently I have been recreating a lot of Katie Jane Hughes eye looks, but not using the same products.

  6. I almost never try out a look from a tutorial. If I try anything out, it’ll be an application technique. I actually preferred when YouTube was more about how to do makeup and less about what products to use/buy. And it didn’t take long for that change to happen….

  7. Everyone I’ve seen review/use that palette has said they puff up and overflow the pan and break really easy. Oh dear not politics the UK is imploding as we speak LOL :0) xxx

  8. My blush "trend" is to go from the back hollow (just under my cheek bone) and pull up and forward.It kinda wraps around the cheek bone.I think it's a 90's thing..I always try other methods and go crawling back.I have high cheek bones and it works for me. On my eyes I like to go smudgy almost muddy. Also a 90's thing, now that I think of it. My eyes are a very light hazel and for some reason the muddier the shadow the brighter green-gold my eyes look. Basically my current trend is to stick with the same thing I've been doing for the past 20+ years…except for my eyebrows…I rarely do them the same way twice for some reason…I have myself on a no buy, so keep buying things that I want and I can live vicariously!!

  9. Haven't watched the whole video yet, just got to the part asking if people actually follow make-up tutorials. I definitely did when I was first starting out with make-up and purchased specific products/colours so that I could follow along. Now of course with more experience under my belt I mostly just take a technique from here or there and more so enjoy watching the process and random chit-chat.

  10. Back when I first was learning wtf to do with makeup, with beady eyes I would play and replay technique tutorials.
    Now that I could apply liquid liner while being chased by zombies, not so much.

  11. Wow, Mac "Brooke Shields" I haven't heard that phrase in a while. Since Nars got rid of my favorite blush "deuceur" or however you spell it, I have been wearing Cubic from Mac in it's place. I love a good neutral. I had this palette and Huda emerald palette on my list to buy. I still can't decide. Thanks for the tutorial!

  12. This was lovely. Can we do our makeup together every morning? Also, do you watch RawBeautyKristi? I think you would like her. She’s also in WA. She did a fun video on this palette, too.

  13. Every time I reach for a brush that I haven't washed, I hear you in my head saying that you wash you brushes every time because you're "not an animal" and I feel a good dose of "Catholic guilt":P To start with I thought you saying "this lipstick is so swell" like it's a keen/cat's pajamas/bee's knees lipstick.

  14. You crack me up constantly. I love it! Literally laughing out loud. Your look came out looking so rockstar! That Gemini palette is still calling, but I have yet to answer. 😫 It looks so pretty though and I see video tuts that make me want it even more. Speaking of tutorials, I watch a shit-ton, but never follow any of them. I guess being nearly 40 has made me either 1- very lazy in my makeup application or 2- very cynical. Or, it could be both.

    I need to try out that Joan Collins concealer. The brightening effect it had on your under eye made me 💩 my 👖. The makeup trends that I really like right now is the imperfect, kind of "done but undone" look, but balanced. Like you, I like to bring my blush onto the center of my face, but mainly to distract from the size of my shnoz. Thanks for another cool video Dustin!!

  15. I got such a kick out of seeing this look on Instagram because a couple of years ago, I did I look on my channel where I had been to the pool but I wanted to get a video out, so I threw a turquoise kerchief on my head and did an eye look based on a turquoise shadow. The shadow that you used on your mobile lid does not look green to me, it looks between deep turquoise and teal. Lights and cameras do that sometimes!

    I also do the same thing with my blush but then I am old, and I do it mostly to keep the blush out of my under eye bags! LOL ❤

  16. I’m a little amazed you achieved that eye look by using your fingers. Would fingers work as well with mattes? Did you use both bronzer and blush? Thanks for another great vid!

  17. Hahaha I never reproduce looks, particularly because I have the normal super hooded eyes that a lot of regular humans have but you never see in YouTube🤣 I prefer techniques and then I decide how to work with the colors. Your eye looks are so gorgeous but I have to adapt them to this weird eyes of mine😑

    I’d like your thoughts about winter blues. When the days start to get really short, I can’t stop eating. I just indulge because it’s only for a couple of weeks😁 but it’s the only way to cope.

    Beautiful palette btw. I adore blues and greens. Greens suit me better because of my pale oliveness, blue is usually a bit too harsh unless I can find a special kind of blue. I apply blush in the high points of the face 80s style and across the nose too🤣 I like doing the tapping on the lips so it looks like that’s my lip color and not lipstick. I am currently into coolish neutrals for winter, I found this Nars single called ashes to ashes and it’s the one I use to blend everything at the end. Goes great with my skin tone.

    Omg you are so thought provoking, I never write replies like this anywhere else, lol. Please NO to politics 🤣🤣🤣

  18. I love to see you put on makeup! I love the way you do things. As far as personal trends go, I've been noticing lately that I've been consistently bringing my blush and highlighter higher and higher up on the cheek, like I almost go over my eyes with it. And I always blur my lip line too. And I seem to want to draw random lines over blobs of colour on the eyes all the time, too.

  19. Back in the 80’s there was a drug store brand called flame glow. I learned to do my makeup with that product because the shadow palettes had 3 colors, dark, medium and light only the medium was the lid shade and the dark was crease because we all used our melted black eyeliner lol, and a primer. The blush palette had a darker shade for the hollow of the cheek and a lighter shade for the cheekbones. They were ahead of their time between the primer and a quasy contour lol. I still put my blush on my cheekbones and a bit up into my temples and forehead but I’m transitioning to using bronzer and highlighter more. You can teach and old dog new tricks!
    I watch videos for inspiration and techniques but I have 53 yo hooded eyes so following doesn’t really work. I have to adapt the look for my eyes. I wore glasses for decades and after I had cataract surgery in my 40’s I had to relearn how to do my eyes.

  20. We are so the opposite when it comes to eyeshadows. I am all about crazy pigmentation! The bolder the better haha. Eee, I really gotta get myself Japanese brush/es! That wee teeny one for the crease is awesome! I totally do the 80s thing with blush too! I just like the way it looks.

  21. I don’t know if I have a trend I do, I usually do my blush the eighties way although now that everyone is going back to doing it that way I have been trying it on the apples of my cheeks 😂 I am usually uninterested in trying the latest thing until after when everyone has stopped doing it.
    I love getting inspired by tutorials. I love a good tutorial & chat.
    I love Melt shadows but for whatever reason I didn’t get any of the palettes. I would have gotten the Gemini palette but I kept missing the release. I don’t know why they are doing all these LE’s. They probably sell better for companies but I find them annoying lately, I used to love the chase of an LE product. Not anymore, I don’t want to fall in love with it and then not be able to replace it.

  22. I always wonder why the norm for eyeshadows seems to be so much pigment now, it's kind of baffling to me. Like I just watched a video where someone swatched a blue eyeshadow and was like "hmm this isn't very pigmented," like, fine, but is it buildable? A subtle color that's buildable is so much more versatile! And it seems like the more pigmented the eyeshadows are the more fragile they are in the pan. Idk, sometimes I feel like an old person yelling from their porch about kids these days. Back in my day you went uphill both ways in 6 feet of snow to the MAC counter and you were GRATEFUL

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