1210 Carnival under Max Yield LED grow Samantha and Neil

How to Grow Medical Marijuana for those that live in legal states. This site is to teach you how to grow your own medicine. We do not encourage any type of drug …


  1. Hey Neil, is it okay to use a product like Sensizym with microbes? Will enzymes kill or affect microbes added to coco? – and it looks like u have a mag deficiency.. purple petioles, tips n stripes.. how you gonna treat it Neil.. really interested in knowing cos somehow I always seem to run into mag problems. But honestly I thought that with your feeding schedule with Epsom salts added, you wouldn't run into any mag problems.

  2. way cool Im into my first attempt at having an indoor garden, I was useing 2 gal grow pots and soil then the plan was to go to 5 gal pot's long before the plant is complete in it's veg. I have done a few already but I decided that the 2 gal grow bag is not needed and is more difficult to transplant into a 5 gal from a seven. Now I just use these little buckets i get from the dollare store and I cut the bottom out, drill holes in the lid for drainage and i flip the pot upside down for seedlings up intil the 3rd or 4th
    node, at that time I transplant the child from the 1.5qt container to the 5 gal grow pot with so much ease it's crazy. One of my lights is a perfect sun cob, it's been up and running for about 2 weeks now. she is shareing space with a vipraspectra R900 so far I think they are doing about the same so far the vipraspectra has been up AND RUNNING for around 2 weeks longer than the perfect sun.. I stil have to run an exhaust through 3 tents and up and out of my room…

  3. love the videos – I always learn something new without exception! top marks! – BUT your thumbnail is covering your face 🙁 – scoot over to the left a little bit so we can see you 😀

  4. Could u move the channel emblem or ur square where we see u could u move one of them there on top of each other I can't see like hand gestures or like the box the chanel emblem on ur face how would the guy pee XD

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