1. “If” she is as high ,as people are commenting. That is proof weed should be legalized. Imagine someone Drunk trying to make this presentation. You may assume she is high only from her eyes. Otherwise she is totally relaxed and clear.

  2. First I want.people who rob saints to get honest.800million.too 3000billion made on my medical gift.I WILL NOT ARREST ARE YOUNG AND POOR.BEFORE SAINT ROBBING NYC.S SCIENTISTS.FIRST THEM.NOT YOU

  3. I do not want laws made by the mafia.THE PEOPLE VOTE ON ALL LAWS.The most advanced medical cures not made.I could not go to detox.they sold my theory for $800,000,000 as I stood at Sloan Kettering careing for cancer patient.Trapped on methodone.2 year withdrawal.listed as mild 3weeks.by ROCKEFELLER INSTITUTE.they took my miracle.and robbed black man for blue baby cure.

  4. MY MEDICAL MIRACLE IS POLYETHYLENE GLYCOL ADDED TO INTERFERON.FEB 15TH 1989.in Holy visions.60.000.000 Americans saved from hep c over 29years.developed by jan vilcek.he took the saints donation off my gift.200.000.000 people alive by gods miracle today.

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