What Happens When A State Grows Way Too Much Weed (HBO)

When Oregon legalized recreational marijuana, the state decided to make the market as free and accessible as possible. It didn’t cap licenses, or restrict access …


  1. Sounds like the market is at work, and the weaker growers and dispensaries are getting out of the market it will even out soon enough. Why does the state need to put artificial caps to stabilize the market it will do it on it's own.

  2. Oregon did it right. They let ppl think they were getting what they wanted. But they never said they were go subsidize or support it.

    I think this is a great proof of concept story. OR helped kill the problem by letting capitalism regulate the market

  3. So you want to protect "the poor weed farmers" by selecting who will be allowed to grow on the basis of how much money they have, in the form of a license that you sell for tens of thousands of dollars, further concentrating economic opportunity with those who are already wealthy.

  4. What's fucked is the industry is treating people like shit. I was at a place called Bobsled Farms. My boss abused me physically and mentally. I stayed hoping that he would be replaced but when I told his boss how I was being treated they just let me go. Next job was at a farm harvesting a late crop. Been two months and the guy still owes me for 153 hours of labor. I need a job. I can work. I want to take care of my wife and my children. I don't want handouts.

  5. I don't really understand the problem here. Am I missing something? There is suddenly a market where there was no market before. Tons of players jump into the game and supply suddenly is way higher than demand. So supply will go down and maybe be below demand for a short period of time and after some time will settle somewhere close to the demand. That's just how a free market would behave. So aside from tricks like driving people out through predatory pricing and similar techniques I don't really get the issue and why there should be more regulation. Someone throwing a few hundred grand at a completely new and unregulated market because he want's to make the big bucks should know what he's getting himself into. I mean he thought prices would stay that high in this gold rush? Seriously? He's investing big in a market with an unpredictable near future just making a big bet basically. The guy in the interview put it right: "Everyone having a chance is better than just very few who are able to afford a chance." Running your business against the wall because you misjudged the situation is not like getting fired. You took the risk knowingly and lost. Move on.

  6. When capitalism comes crying to be protected and regulated by daddy and mommy when its very essence is the opposite. Yeah that's outrageous for the people who need MJ for therapeutic use that they cold have cheap means of treating themselves. What a pitty that we can't exploit that …. Pathetic.

  7. you know 100% that alot of that weed is going on the black market and crossing state lines. it has to be. you can sell it to states that dont have legal weed for a fortune and you can sell it to states that have legal weed for even more. also, why are they burning the weed? if i was them id have the THC extracted from all my surplus plants and id find a way to store it long term. id also probably but up all the cheapest weed i could get and do the same thing. the saturation "will" end and those who survived will reap the rewards and someone with a massive stock pile of THC will rake in the big bucks when they wanna use that for THC products like cooking or drinks.

  8. This is how a market is supposed to work. Saturation causes large numbers of firms to fail, but the ones that pull through (supposedly) are able to produce the best/cheapest product. Consumers win, the surviving firms win, and the failures go on to do something else.

  9. Don't put any caps on it, it's stupid. If i invest 1 mili in a business and there to few customers, then i should invest 1 mil but 1 grand. This way normal people can grow weed and not a cartel of people that are rich and have a permit. In the NL the quality is bad and expensive, and you can not get a permit, that's just bull. Life is not a theatre that you can occupy one seat so nobody can sit for ever.

  10. I call bullshit, the customer wins in this situation. Sorry your hail of 50$ an eighth days are over.. Vice, your agenda fueled stories are starting to become worse and worse..

  11. Ok so let me get this straight, these guys built up an unsustainable business in a unexplored undeveloped market trying to get rich quick and now they are crying about having competition. I really don't feel bad for them. Also he's doing the exact same shit again.

  12. a similar argument when there are too many uber drivers, the prices of rides go down compared to before when taxis had monopolies and charged $30 to go anywhere

    how can VICE complain about cheap weed lol 😂🤨🤨

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