1. I died laughing at the coincidence of Peter discussing pronunciation differences and then pronouncing emphasis in a way I've never heard anyone pronounce it before hahaha emphASis!

  2. Does nobody elese think her husband is looking for his five minutes of fame on YouTube he seems to be too good to be true and to involoved in her videos….let's be honest she probably will die faster then most so what exactly is in this for him someting fake about him

  3. Pudding pants. I remember those from when you lived in the house with your friends. You were filming a what to pack for the hospital video and Peter kept making you laugh by saying "Puddin Pants" lmbo

  4. We watched "White Christmas" yesterday, but "Miracle on 34th Street" and "It's a Wonderful Life" are some of our favorites to watch this time of year. 😀 Looking forward to getting our tree up this year. It always cheers up the house, and we like to have all the lights off in the room except the tree lights, and it is so peaceful.

  5. How does your demeanor, for both of you, seen so chill/easygoing no matter what you’re doing (filling orders, doing laundry, etc.). I’m wound so tight quite often and I need some “tools” on how to go with the flow more.

  6. I've been following you guys for about a year and just wanted to drop a comment in. You guys just bring such a positive vibe to life it really does help other people. I'm not a chronic illness warrior but I've really been struggling in work/personal life recently. In fact I haven't been able to watch your vlog on a daily basis for the last couple of months because life is just so busy. But I have managed to watch a few in the last couple of days (I will binge watch all that I have missed this weekend!) and I realised that coming back to watch really does have positive effect on my mood. So thank you guys for sharing your story and spreading joy in the world. 😊

  7. My husband and I relaxed and then went to golden corral ( buffet) dinner. THANKSgiving. We are celebrating our thanksgiving with our son on the 30th so we are holding out for the good stuff.

  8. I’m so glad you guys had a restful and peaceful day!
    OH NO Mary and Peter…When you fall asleep or almost fall asleep sitting up, that’s a sign of old age. lol Don’t you remember seeing your parents sleeping in a recliner, you saying to yourself…how can they do that? Well, I did anyway..lol Now, I can about sleep anywhere!
    Happy THANKSgiving:)

  9. We had a rainy, restful, blessed day, and it was very nice. We are getting some much needed rain here in Northern California, for which we are so very grateful. It has put out a deadly wildfire and cleared the air. I say thanksGIVING. I like the way Peter pronounces emphasis.

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