Tesla CEO on 60 Minutes: I don’t want to ‘adhere to some CEO template’

Tesla is upgraded to “buy” at Jeffries as Tesla CEO Elon Musk appears on “60 Minutes” to talk about his erratic behavior this year.


  1. Electric cars are the future, and that's why GM and Ford have essentially stopped producing cars, and are having to re-structure. when they have done so, it will take some time, and we'll see who ends up on the top, but it might be Tesla. They already have the largest fast charging networks in most of the developed world, with more every day, and are making the best electric cars in volumes that are ever increasing. They are also continuing their innovation for products, and have become a tech company, and energy company as well as a car company too. They are the only company who is creating a complete energy solution for the world, not just making another product that will need it's oil changed, pour fuel into it, and will certainly break down in a thousand ways. forget about all of the routine maintenance.. owning an electric car is like owning an iPhone with tires and brakes. and where the brakes last 5X as long as an ICE car. it gets the equivalent of a dealer service, upgrades, and even recalls via over-the-air updates while you sleep. and can drive itself.
    Fuel power cars are so screwed…. if you don't think so, go power your phone with a gasoline engine , and tell me how that works out…

  2. I don't understand this fu*kin "OH! Elon Musk wrote something on twitter!!! He must have emotional problems!!!" WTF?! Did you see what bullshit people write on twitter/fb/other… ??? For a person who has so much preassure on his back I'd say he's perfectly fine…

  3. I fucking love musk what's different about him than the others is he's not all about the money he's about the good of mankind and if its makes him a few bucks aswell bounus he's a better, kinder hearted person than most people out there

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