Sunday Special Ep 4: Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan joins Ben on this episode of the Sunday Special, where they take a deep dive into the subjects of gender identity, celebrity worship, and Roseanne’s …


  1. At 29:08 I've had Rogan's idea in my mind for years. Implementing a system like that would solve MANY problems. All the proper screening and corruption checks would have to be put into place, but would create a true democracy. This would all but eliminate the career politicians that haven't been representing us. They instead have been representing the corporations. This is where Ben and I disagree with regards to Capitalism.

  2. I libertarian to the core, I really enjoy both these men. None of us are right all the time. I know one guy was, they beat half to death & crucified Him for it. No one we are gonna agree with all the time, that is one of the great ideas the founders engrained in our constitution. Its a good thing to disagree, lets be respectful like these two are. Great examples for us to ALL follow

  3. Ben may mention his wife being a doctor , but he makes easily over 10 times as much as she does. Probably substantially more than that, so I'm not sure why so many people have made the comment about how he remarks on his wife being a doctor.

  4. It's funny one minute Rogan complains about having to go to a physical location to vote and says it takes away from an accurate reflection of the will of the people and in the next he says we need a test to prove you're smart enough to vote. Anyone who's too lazy to vote, probably lacks the wisdom to know make a good choice anyway. Do we really want an internet troll electorate?

  5. When it comes to the politics of a celebrity I've always wondered why anyone would believe somebody whose job it is to make you believe they are something that they are not!

  6. 25:00 Did Joe just advocate for Oligarchy?! Isn't that what the EU tried to do, and which has been, arguably, a spectacular failure which has resulted in the oppression of the producers and creators in service to the privledged, the indolent and the interlopers? [Rather than the merely infirm which was the original intention, arguably]. This is an advocacy, too, for rule by the 'deep state', essentially; though clearly the 'deep state' as it exists is a involution of the idea because it is unknown, unaccountable, bureaucratic (think the movie,"Brazil"), and beholden only to it's own. Joe is arguably advocating for the abdication of self rule and thus the marginalization of indivual responsibility; and thus the, at least postulated, potential for individual self-determination based on the individual's efforts and works. He would choose to be entirely ruled by a group of "wise people"–but who is it that is so unassailable as to be sufficient to determine what is deemed "wise" thus who those "wise people" would be? I think Joe is saying this because of the exhaustion inherent in the process of self governance, and the discomfort of setting individual stated boundaries as to what is acceptible among our brethren often people we love. When all is said and done, he would prefer to just be left alone to live his own life peacefully and out of the fray. I get that, I suspect everyone feels that way; worse I 'suspect' anyone that doesn't feel that way is someone I need to run away from as quickly as possible. But isn't that very exhaustion and avoidance of interferance to our own individual interests and concerns, the foundation of a deep internal contradiction, and deeply human contradiction–'I will give this guy control so I don't have to be bothered with the mess and just go off to do my own thing'. Strangely this same impulse could explain why humans created religion? even the concept of God? Just thinking out loud. I have nothing but respect for Joe, and I am so greatful for his investment and risk, in introducing me to people, of many interests and expertise, that I would never otherwise have heard of, but whom I found found to be incredibly valuable. In this context he is particularly vulnerable to the 'exhaustion factor' in that he is uniquely placed in the middle of the 'fray', and deep in the 'mess' and I am quite sure there is a person/indivdual price paid by him. Please Joe don't give up and certainly don't surrender. Oligarchy? Really? Let me point out the contradiction operating here–would you really accept the rule of these "wise people"? Isn't that exactly what you are resisting so energetically–self-espoused 'wise people' who are trying to rule you? Step back. Your own actions indicate that your beliefs are at odds with your "dream". All good will to you and yours.

  7. I don't see how voting online would help anything. Trump does not "run" anything, we have the congress and the courts, we don't have a king. We were just find before the EPA.

  8. Joe has helped me see how fucked up the communication is in my every day life. It all seems natural, cuz everyone does it. But I dont know anybody with a long enough attention span to listen to a well structured statement or refutation. I hear people bitchin for hours but cant listen to an entire sentence before needing to add in whatever the fuck theyre thinking about.

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