Revealed sinister reason why Prince Harry and Meghan’s staff keep quitting

Much has been made of the royal staff turnover, with the blame lumped on poor Meghan’s shoulders. But is there another reason? Welcome to Light channel.


  1. MM fighting for feminisme, humanitary help? But paying the servants a poormanswage, treating the staffmembers like trash? Bullying at people. Who believes MM when she is smiling telling in the camera that she wants a better world, but spends millions on her clothes, redecorating frogmorecottage and after that buying another house at cost of the British taxpayer.

  2. Their "Christmas card" says it all. Harry had a colorful smile in his face until now. Now he turns his back on everyone and lives in his sad black and white world with her. She is estrangening him from friends and family and drags him down.

  3. The wage issue has always been in place. The fact that these resignations seem to be centered around the Duchess of Sussex is because the issue is with "her". These individuals know the what wages they will be paid upon acceptance of their job.

  4. If the money was the issue, I don't think that these ppl would have stayed as long as they Did, WITHOUT complaints. Being and American, and VERY familiar with the HOLLYWOOD ELITES, I can say with confidence. Meghan is the problem. As these ppl have no bills as far as, food, housing, and clothing. The pay is more than needed to simply spend on things the want. They need to boot Meghan out on her social climbing, Queen wannabe ass before she taints the Royal Family beyond repair!

  5. Oh, so much to do, rubbish, they have nothing to do except tell their servants what they want done, they don’t even have to dress themselves or fill their own bath tub if they choose not to, why do u think she married him, it wasn’t to have to wash her own clothes. Duh!!!

  6. Many take on Royal jobs to get the Palace Credential to get higher pay in the private sector once their term is over.
    Many staff resign because of the Rude, Vile, Vicious Bitch Me-gain and her equally disgusting, despicable Harry who has a tendency to throw tantrums and scream if he doesn't get his way.
    Both are the filthiest people to walk on planet earth and should be banished to Africa where head hunters tend to roam.

  7. Hey, your black Whore, the much fucked me-gain prostitute is NOT a feminist. She is a Faux feminist. A pretend to be. NO feminist would use a man as a walking stick. All her life she has basically relied on the money of men ! Dad paid for pricey schools, ex husband number two gave her a payout after he got her job on suits, yachting jobs with wealthy men, prostituted with movie producers to get roles, blow jobs on Harvey Weinstein. And spending on herself like there's no tomorrow on her fuckwit harry. . She is no feminist! She's not even an achiever. Done zero on her own unless you call lying on a mattress, legs spread wide for $$$$$. Her definition of feminism?, I suppose.

  8. You people must be some of the most unhappy people ever. You are to much in Harry life, he don’t give a rat behind about you nor does he care what you think. Get your own life, and ask God to remove the hater and racists behavior out of your heart. As for as this rage of a paper, you come to lie and kill. You wanted be happy until you do to Meghan and her baby, what you did to Harry mother. Shame on you and all the news outlets like you, that can not think of nothing but evil, trying to destroy people at any cost.

  9. Haters still no one to love or no one to love you? You watch as Meghan live her best life, while you self destruct with hate and jealousy. As her father in law said. "We couldn't like/love her more"

  10. this has to be the most boring video ever. maybe it is because Meghan herself is boring. as for the queen, she takes a nice picture but she is bound to be demented to some degree. letting Meghan act the way she does and Harry too? good grief. I guess if Harry and Meghan were actually important to the monarchy in line to throne maybe, the queen would step in. but they just don't matter.

  11. Come on Queen open your eyes. Meghan is not a royal fit at all. Can’t you see your grandson has changed so much since he met her. All the drama with everyone in the royal family. Everything was just fine till she came. Everyone was warn by her family that Meghan was going to be a big embarrassment to the royal family. Kick them out and cut them off everything. Maybe Harry will see why his friends, family, workers, and ect…. Meghan is all fake. Harry Needs to stop comparing her to his mom. Diana never disrespected the Queen nor caused all this drama.


  13. Stop trying to give them such a special place to live let him live in a tent on the street like everybody else that's what she deserves she's such a humanitarian is she such a humanitarian she could go live on the street with him to get the attention that they need to get something done for the poor to become house run a soup kitchen right from the street I forgot she really isn't a humanitarian cuz she really doesn't know how to do any of that I do

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