1. How the fuck is that fat fuck think hes talking about look how fat the fool is u only get fat when ur addicted to FOOD ur a drunk ir a pervert who likes little girls secretly and ur addicted to FOOD go fuck urself u fat little fuckface bitch if I ever see u im going to rape ur do note squirting tranie looking ass whole with a huge frozen marryjane bud hahahahaha

  2. and now the country is going to shit from reeeeeeeefer maaaaadneeeees! all the sex crazed stoners have turned into axe murderers and the nuns have all become harlots.

    when are people going to realize that weed is good for you, and certainly better than alchohol (and im an alchoholic, its poison) time we ended the destruction caused by the so called war on drugs and set things straight. Florida is letting a million ex cons vote too.

    "Ring the bells that still can ring,
    Forget your perfect offering,
    There is a crack in everything,
    That's how the light gets in" – Leonard Cohen

  3. alcohol, tobacco, caffeine etc. i think even fast food can be addictive. not to mention "legal" opioids. my home state is thinking cogently. too bad my adopted state of Indiana is still back in the 50's. but neighboring Berrien and Cass counties will keep right on hassling folks. watch and see. 🙁

  4. No hope with dope says the guy who clearly spends the majority of his day shoveling in trans fats and preservatives to wash down his pharmaceuticals. God forbid we be allowed to consume a harmless natural substance with no harmful side effects and no risk of death from overdose.

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