1. I feel like they are wanting some people to wake up and cause opposition. In order to bring about a New world order they need people to be willing to destroy and turn from this Old world order. Enough people must mistrust the system and want it to fall in order for them to bring about their new system. Its hard to know up from down and good from evil in todays world.

  2. That looked like a bogus set up probably NBC set up one of their studios to look like something important… I wouldn't put that past them to B-roll an office place that looked important then be in some sort of studio setup.   People with half a brain should raise bunch of flags on this including the ones takes in the video. But just like everything else this will be forgotten too.

  3. Really? ?? Maybe, seriously, this was devised to hopefully have president trump do something eratic and hurriedly so as to continue their agenda of trumps incompetence and fitness for the office he holds…. Hmmm. With all the shenanigans the leftist democratic liberals have been pulling, this fits perfectly with their deviousness. …

  4. One would think it would be harder to launch a bomb then just pushing a button I thought that was just a term I would think you might need a number a key and a button you know safety ?

  5. I personally believe that the alert was an accident but I really enjoyed this video it's very informative and I'll certainly take this into consideration.

  6. So what if I hit the wrong pedal on my car? Who is responsible?
    Sorry dude, just hit the wrong button!!!!!!!

    Why didn't people break into buildings that were locked (it was only 8 AM) and what would be the repercussions if they had?

    Why did the rental car business suffer no ill effects when everyone in such a car (wherever they were) should have abandoned it immediately?

    The answer to most of those questions is that most people are too programmed in their responses to understand that they need to LEAVE THEIR CARS AND TAKE COVER!

    Who cares if it is a rental or your own car?

  7. Prior to our invasion of Iraq in 1990/91, the media scared our populace with "the 4th largest army in the world"… his shit was antiquated hand me down cold war stuff.. we spanked em in 3 days.

  8. I really think you must think we are all idiots. Buisness phones will automatically ring in on an oen line. Most businesses use a separate number for outbound, than inbound.
    The famed hotline between the president and Kremlin, was just a regular black phone on the desk.

    As per the questions that happened to be asked. Are the very questions you would hope a reporter would ask there. Considering that a missile attack from N. Korea is what has Hawaii nervous in the first place. So them mentioning N.K. is not odd.
    Not everything is going to be a false flag, or a major conspiracy. Sometimes people just screw up.
    Especially when you consider that the only potential benefit to this, was seeing how the population reacts to such a threat.
    In fact, some real good could rise out of this screw up.

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