MARINE DIES for 8 mins, what he sees will shock you.BREAKING NEWS

The testimony you are about to see is 100% true and happened 4 days before i graduated Marine MOS school. i was effected so much i had to share this story …


  1. I have encountered a similar figure to the one described. He was almost the height of the room, wearing a hooded cloak which covered the top half of his face, He spoke without moving his lips and when he breathed and the cape opened a fraction brilliant light shone from beneath it

  2. This guy said he seen Michael and described him then said he seen Jesus but didn’t see Jesus come on man this dude isn’t trustable . He didn’t see Jesus he would have described him instead of Michael . Isaiah 43:10-11 says it all … I know people who have died and they said Jesus wasn’t there he didn’t exist there was only angels and God . Sad how you Christians lie ! Everything in the New Testament calls God a liar … do yourself a favor and read Jeremiah 31:30 , Psalm 49:7 and Ezekiel 18:20 then turn back to the God of Israel and turn from your pagan Jesus

  3. Well, he may have seen a demon, but I've seen the other side too! And I didn't see any demons. What I felt was a sense of peace, and what I saw was a lot of similarity; meaning that everyone looked the same, that no one was different from each other any more. And the world around them was not an earthly world, even though it had layered over our own. The dead are all around us every day and every where. I was definitely an experience I will never forget.

  4. I was reading a book…alone by myself….something pushed me on my side, went through my body and exited on the other side, it left a cold, evil sensation behind…Satan exists, is real, is there…It did not take me that day.

  5. Yeah yeah Yeah!

    You are drawn into his story, You are drawn into a lie. How the hell a white man have a name greater than an angel of God and the angel's name is just Micheal. Bullshit! If he lied about any part of that story he lied about the name of the angel that was with him.

  6. total fake propaganda ! like most u s m c , this one has a BIG EGO and the Looooong over one hour waste of time ''big fish story'' is filled with holes, I suppose the biggest revelation of any marine in the higher up would be that they are ''no better than any other souL'' because most of them all go around dis-respecting non-military people everyday, well marines are nothing special in my book, most of them have ZERO morals, i.e. they all drink & smoke, drugs, etc, 100s of acts of immoral fornication with girls, etc. the guy fits the classic profile of any bully from high school, and anyone dumb enough to enlist at age 19 with getting a 4 yr degree at age 22, is a very un-educated fooL. and oh I am not buying the FAKE ID those are a dime a dozen from any net source, you can't con a con man sorry., and furthmore the FAKE war in iraq was a total LIE , iraq NEVER had nukes hence the illegal invasion of a sovereign nation is against international law and the broken law of karma will come back to haunt every single marine who fought in that fake war for oiL, also the sad state of todays recruiting is apalling, allowing those with trashy, disgusting immoral tattoos to enlist is un-acceptable, they also let thoe in today with prison records such as rape and murder to go u s m c, very very sad, truth is I have never met a marine who wasn't a very lost sinner, they are all EGO and care nothing about other souLs, they all live a black ivory tower of shame which is really just a house of cards waiting for a puff of wind, very doubtful any marine would ever enter into the kingdom of Heaven due to the fact they are all immoral sinners with tattoos

  7. God is in control of the planet and life of people he control every thing in this life and the planet .the eyes of god are10.000times the size of the sun jesus is the alfa and the omega.the firts and the lasts.the star and the end he is the way to life eternety life

  8. The one I saw. Who told. Me I will be the one to come n get you when it is your time…I can't recAll his face ..but his smile. N eyes. He cAlled you was your JEWISH/Hebew name. Don't forget Jeshua. Was A Jew Baruch HaShem

  9. Honestly, I completely get it. It makes perfect sense but so many people have no idea. Don't want to know. The "world is the wool that has been pulled over their eyes to keeep them from seeing the truth".
    I know I have grown so, so much in my spiritual awakening. Its as though I see and percive with new eyes.
    Thanks and God Bless

  10. I believe all soldiers go to hell the Bible says thou shalt not kill not thou shalt not kill unless you're president says it's ok, You think you are a good man but you are willing to go to a far away country and kill innocent men women and children and justify it by saying they are terrorists and I am protecting my country.On the other hand people who fight an invading army have more chance of going to heaven as they really are protecting there family and there country.

  11. I had my own experience when I was about 15 with what I refer to as the adversary. It was horrible and I was rescued by our savior. I didn't go threw an exhaustive experience like this man did but I don't like to talk about it because ppl usually judge anyone who's gone threw anything like this as nuts and I already have enough problems with family being in denial of our non nuero typical behavior and what i now know about my B.P.D. Everyone wants to fit in and doesn't want to be the wierdo so I've had to mask so much all my life due to my mother's critical and very sarcastic attitude towards anything that wasn't normal. Her mom (my grandma) was very spiritual but she was considered nutty. She always knew I had something and called me 'Sabia' which in spanish mean psychic or someone with ability to know future or other things of spiritual realm. Since i was a kid, I've had many things happen that are of another realm. So many I have never counted or kept track and it is normal for me. I know there are others like me also. What regular ppl think is normal isn't, most are just not aware of such things or that they have abilities they can tap into. I have to work the other way, to try to be normal of corse, which is hard as hell for me to try and keep track of but I think I know more or less. Don't know why certain things have happened to me but find out later in most cases, perhaps it's to connect with others who have had simular?

  12. Just know that every death experience is different, depending on your Evolutionary Spiritual Growth, Progression, Purpose and Path, along with a plethora of various other reasons, and if you vier off your path and do Not learn from your lessons from what you chose to work off some of your souls darkness, you've changed your path. Just as going to War, where the dark forces are everywhere, as their influences are in heavier and stranger to vier of your path…just as we all have spiritual guides and guardians who never leave our side, but there are universal laws that govern their assistance, as well as our ascension process, especially if you chose the wrong path or make wrong choices thru Free Will…but you can learn so much more if You seek out books and experiencer's on near death experiences who've returned from the spiritual dimensions, which are all around us, but within higher dimensional vibrations of Light, to give testimony of their near death experiences to awaken those seeking this information…even if you lived a fully good and righteous life, and your guides and guardians were there ti assist you, that type of graduation into the higher realms of unconditional loving Light…but know that you are not judged on what religion you join, but your service, purpose and lessons from which you came to this life to learn, and if you completed and learned from those lessons without Ego, Greed or Hatred, and were of service unto those less fortunate thru unconditional love and forgiveness and oneness with all your earthly brothers and sisters…we all live life experiences to learn various lessons, in order to work through, and rid the darkness from our ever evolving spiritual souls…as every experience is different, and one cannot judge anyone, unless you've stood in their shoes and experienced their life from another perspective, which is why we cannot judge through our Ego's…
    know that the Catholic Church has fallen, and like much of the Muslim Faith the Luciferian forces have literally taken over and influence all doctrines, as they also control the Pope… so chose not the controls of religion, and walk your own path, and stay within the unconditionally loving divine light of "All That Is"(the greater Light)… and know that Jesus does exist, and he does hear your prayers…for he has never left us, but he comes and he goes wherever his Greater Divine Light is needed most… Believe in him, as he believes in You, and believe in the Divine family. which is the holy family, the Trinity of Unconditional Love on Earth for Humanity…there is sooo much more to share, but i have little time for now, this is only a tiny bit, but you can learn more by simply looking within your higher spiritual heart and soul, through meditation, by searching and touching your inner Temple of Light, within your higher consciousness, which is where you can communicate with your higher self and your Angelic Guides and Guardians whom are always with You…for you are Loved, and Never alone, from the time your born, until the time you leave your physical body, within this 3rd dimensional life experience…!!!
    This is my personal opinion only, from my own life experiences, as every person and their life experiences are different, so please do not attack my own personal experiences, given forth, for your own greater understanding and perspectives only~
    Blessings to All~***

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