1. I have been taking kratom every day for a couple years now and still have not experienced any bad sideffects. I have super bad anxiety and super bad stomach issues due to my families historys and this stuff helps 100%. I used to not be able to leave my house some days because of my stomach problems and anxiety and kratom has pretty much cured my stomach issues. I have not had stomach cramps in the 2 years I have been taking it. It actually really helps you shit. A lot of fiber. Also as I said it has really helped my anxiety. It didn’t cure it obviously but it helped ease the bleo of it until I got prescribed buspirone and hydroxyzine. Literally no reason to make it illegal other than to have these bureaucrats help make the alcohol companies make more money.

  2. The dea and the American government wants to save people from drugs just a bit less than the cartels do and I'm dead fucking serious with that statement man because no shit man the damn big cartels have actually started fucking restricting fentanyl that heroin cooks were adding to there heroin because of the damn crazy number of overdoses caused by it that they started seeing drops in sales directly because of repeat customers dying over 3 year period now I'm not saying they made them stop putting it in there but its widely known that they have ordered it to be cut by half of fucking else THE FUCKING CARTEL DID THAT WHILE UNCLE SAM IS SMACKING THERE LIPS BECAUSE AN OTC HERB THAT IS COMPARABLE TO COFFEE PLANT HAS HAD AN INCREASE IN SALES BY 3 TO 4 MILLION NEW CUSTOMERS A YEAR AND UNCLE SAM SEEING A NEW REVENUE STREAM FOR THE POLICE AND DEA SERIOUSLY THEY ARE BITCHING BECAUSE 36 PEOPLE HAVE DIED FROM AN OVERDOSE THAT HAD KRATOM IN THERE SYSTEM IT DID NOT STATE THEY OVERDOSED ON KRATOM BECAUSE IT'S ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE NOT IMPOSSIBLE ALMOST BECAUSE IT'S GOT A VOMIT INDUCING AGENT IN IT AT CERTAIN LEVELS also those 36 deaths had other drugs in them also but kratom 1 dose is 4 grams 2 times daily for dependency recovery minimum and as high as 10 grams also 36 PEOPLE died that's sence its been tracked for sale for years 500 people die from elephants stepping on them and more than that OVERDOSE on Tylenol OTC accidentally yearly more people more people die from getting the flu shot a year or some shit but kinda hard busting someone for damn Tylenol but give them time they'll ban that shit to God bless the land of the free America where we are not the most free country in the world not even in the top 20 nope 27 yes 27 Two Seven But we damn sure like saying and believing we are number 1

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  4. Mitragyna Speciosa is a tree that is in the Coffee family.It has been used WITHOUT INCIDENT for THOUSANDS of years.I currently suffer from chronic pain.Im inflicted with a degenerative, progressive disorder.I have 6 herniated discs,and another that had to be completely replaced.I refuse to take opiates and become addicted (which I already went through).The problem here is misinformation.We have a current administration that still wants pot to be illegal and a figurehead that says climate change is a Chinese hoax.GET OUT AND VOTE!!!

  5. 44 people reportedly died from kratom from 2011-2017…However FDA approved drugs kill 100,000 people every single year..Yet they allow them because it makes them money…Kratom gets people off the FDA approved drugs hitting them in the pocket books….Don't need to remind anybody just how evil the government and FDA is

  6. Some time in the future, this misplaced use of power to make something illegal that could save millions of lifes, some time Things like These will wake enough People up so that they finally stop protesting in the streets like nice schoolboys and start fucking These assholes up, because they finally see with their own eyes they DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT the People. AT all!!!!!!!! at all

  7. Anything that helps is always illegal, it goes against the government heroin industry, there is a war just to keep the supply cheap in Afghanistan 🇳🇱🤖

  8. Its because too many crusty old ppl cry about how bad kratom is and they know nothing about it. Also its about taxes. If uncle sam cant get some sort of money they will make it illegal. I hope the head of the dea their kid gets hooked on heroin

  9. This is how you know your government is a joke and also has ties to pharmaceutical companies. They want to ban kratom after what, 44 deaths. Let's even say hypothetically it's 44 deaths per year from kratom. Now, let's talk about cigarette use and death. How many people die each year from tobacco addiction? 480,000 people. 41,000 from second hand smoke. Yes, that's correct, cigarettes kill 10,909 times the people as one kratom death. Yet, where are we going to ban tobacco use? Also, they aren't telling you that a lot of these overdoses from kratom use either were due to EXTREMELY large amounts of Mitragynine (Main ingredient in kratom) or the fact that people who had died also had a lot of other drugs/substances in their system. The war on drugs is a losing battle and a complete financial loss in this country. At least on a basic level. I could see heroine, meth, other harder drugs being controlled but seriously… Marijuana, Kratom…Give me a break.

  10. A major pet peeve of mine is that people think "overdose" means death, or hospitalization etc. OD simply means you took too much. So yes you can OD on weed- but your ass is finna sleep, not die. I always "OD" on weed, there is no such thing as too high on weed for me. But seriously, OD does NOT mean fatal, or even dangerous most of the time. I guess this perception comes from Heroin addicts ODing, and people not knowing enough of what drugs in al forms do. Be it Rxd or street drugs. For example, you can overdose from benzodiazepines, but ODing on benzos ALONE, will usually just put your ass to sleep for a long ass time. Death usually occours when in conjunction ith other respitory depressing drugs, such as alcohol and codeine, or morphine.

    I used to be a pill head and on my pops grave i've taken 100 diazepam 5mgs many times in my past, the first time i got taken to a hospital-all the doctor did was say "get him to bed, he'll probably sleep for a couple of days, but it's not dangerous" another time i took 100 clonazepams (Rivotril) 2mgs (one of the strongest benzos, of which i have been rxd for 9 years now) as a dumbass dare. I had just picked up the bottle and went to a party. I was fully functioning but slurry. That was also an overdose. Takeaway= OD does not equal death- educate yourself.

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