Jeffrey Wright Thinks All Politicians Should Go to Prison

Jeffry Wright talks about performing in Angels in America, fans trying to pull Westworld spoilers out of him and filming his movie O.G. in a maximum-security …


  1. It's like the late GREAT Jacques Fresco always said…People aren't bad, it's this system that they were born into. Some people get more favoritism because of the system while others are forgotten so they grow up against all the odds and some make it, others don't. We must change the whole system to serve all.

  2. Thanks for the rabbit hole, Seth – and Jeffry. I ended up reading the piece in the New Yorker and I couldn't walk away without thinking how much we assign fail to whole classes just to feed the disease we call a system. I could taste it when I met other soldiers in the Army who had escaped this fate by the skin of their teeth.

    Separately, I have no idea how I'll be able to see this picture.

  3. Jeffry Wright, for me, will always be from "Basquiat," a film that was and still is amazing, moving, touching. I should probably catch up on Jeffrey's most recent 22 years of work though…

  4. Prison should be about rehabilitating people, getting them on the right track and preparing them for society again… The current system is all about punishment, which is completely ridiculous 😉

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