1. You forgot to include how most smokers defend it because it's natural yet they do not apply that logic to anything else in thier lives. Sewing thier own clothes from natural materials, going without electricity and just using the sun and manually doing things, growing thier own food in a garden, making thier own shamooo,lotion etc. Poppys are natural too so I guess we shouldn't be afraid to use heroin. If someone wants to use the marijuana plant for medical purposes NOT as a drug to alter the mind or to obtain a "high" I recommend using the oil from the plant! I mean otherwise just come out and say you like to get high, want to get high and like to use weed to get high. Also breathing in smoke is bad for our lungs and respiratory system in general. People who inhale smoke regularly have a higher chance of heart disease as well. My great grandfather never smoked a day in his life but he did work in a coal camp (coal is natural) but it didn't stop him from contracting "black lung" Dust, smoke,chemicals and yes even many natural materials are not meant to be brwtaged in for a prolonged period.

  2. Actually marijuana isn't a drug, it's a plant. Drugs are chemicals, such as opiates and cocaine. Marijuana is actually a natural painkiller and has been proven to treat cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, PTSD, and more. Many people also use it to medicate themselves for mental or physical illnesses.

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