How to Identify and Fix Common Cannabis Plant Deficiencies – Marijuana Grow Guide

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  1. Hey guys! Again thank you for helping the channel get to 40,000 subs! You guys offer so much support and feedback. Truly humbling to be creating these videos for such an awesome community. I linked the resources I use to help me identify specific issues in the description! Cheers! -Jacob

  2. HELP…. My autos didn't bud i ran them at 24/0 for 2 months no signs of flower. I changed to 18/6 trying to encourage flower…still only a few pistols now at week 12 … The things are getting too big crowding my tent did low stress train them too so quite bushy … Now the older fan leaves down low have been yellowing and pretty much falling off… Needless to say it's my first grow …dam autos never again I got no control over these puppy's

  3. Your vids aren't even comparable to anyone else's for the simple fact ur way beyond them all. Ur camera angles and quality is amazing and can't be beat and along with that the commentary is just as good. Keep up the great work!!!!

  4. I also agree that it's too early but, I'm a betting man and I say an average of 9 ounces per plant. Possibly more but I'm not going any lower on my estimate so, DON'T LET ME DOWN 😊

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