1. No, this is bullish**t, all of everything subjective, and as far as justice is concerned I want anyone to contact me, have a civil discussion about this and change my mind. However, I'm sure no one will because it's so much easier to remain anonymous

  2. When will you learn that the cops are promoted and get special duties solely on the amount of arrests they make. It does not matter if the charges are dropped. They still get credit for the arrest and the prosecutor gets to create a bond in your name and make money off of that. That doesn't count the bond to get out of jail. Even if the charges are dropped, they make money.

  3. Sue the hell out of those cop bastards, wonder why people shoot them. Its all money, the supervisors demand the officers arrest and grab as much as revenue as they can get. Then if you get arrested with your last $20 dollars in your wallet, it will not be there when you are released. Cops had better pick a side. Its all money to the Sheriffs Dept, plus they falsify police reports, I witnessed it first hand, two Deputies in Florida falsified police reports in front of me, to make the case look more in favor for the prosecuting DA. (Oct. 31, 2015)

  4. You rember when you were little and you put on a superman cape and you magically became invincible and could fly and everything? …. wwelll… eeeyyaaaa.

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