Harvest from 100w COB LED Grow – Auto Daquiri Lime & Auto Blueberry – Optic 1 XL

Optic 1 XL 100w CXB3590 COB – $249.00 – Flowers: 2′ x 2′ .6m x .6m or 2.5×2.5 / .75m x .75m …


  1. hey man coming in from canada… that bud looks amazing!! i've just started growing bc its legal now,any ideas on how to get a great yeild while keeping the grow basic?thanks for your time man

  2. The light intensity k is where your potency arrives from. There's not enough Kelvins even though you appear to grow a plant in the video I sure if tested THC would be no higher than %8-%9 range.

  3. Awesome buds brother! I will begin my home growing by the end of this month. It will be for my ill wifey cause my employment randomly test us. I was hoping to ask your advice once I begin since I see you have mastered this craft. Subscribed!! Peace ✌️

  4. You have the Green thumb🌿👍😎 my friend. I was curious about the COB light. Great review of what the 100s can do! DefinitIey gonna buy 1 or 2 now! Tasty looking strains too, nice job.

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