Expungement debate threatens to hold up marijuana legalization

Big city mayors say expungement efforts don’t go far enough. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE for daily videos: **More info & videos below** For …


  1. If your black and reading this, dont be so quick to go to these dispensaries when they open in the hood! as you see she just said majority of the sales will come from newark/Jc! They dont need our money until we are able to own some of these licenses. continue to support the same ppl you've been buying from! Why, black dealers = black business, and whats the quickest way to stop a black business is when our own own no longer supports it!

    So all there doing is gonna have more ppl at the welfare/unemployment line/county jail because the only revenue they've known is about to be taken from them! Its bad enough newark is going through a gentrification wave,their focing blacks out of the city day by day due to the high rent we're seeing in essex county!

    Also as you see these white political parties dont care about rewriting the wrongs that have been done to blacks for over 50 years, families lives ruined all over a plant!

  2. 0:11 "First and foremost, this is a social justice issue." – Come Monday December 17th, New Jersey will NOT vote for legalization of cannabis due to the taxation of the plant being too low. First and foremost, this is a money issue and not a social justice issue in the eyes of Murphy. It is not about the money but in the end it actually is. That is the big snag holding S2703 from hitting the table to be passed.

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