1. this is so weird to me. Where i live you can swear on TV and noone gives a shit. You could say "I am going to fuck you with my big fuckin dick bitch" and nobody would give a fuck.

  2. swearing has become mainstream in my opinion. It used to be taboo, now it's kind of cool. Like a liberating way to say fuck what you think, I manage my own life. Swearing kind of says that now, where it used to mean something a little more pointed. Is this true or am I just getting older?

  3. A 35 pound weight plate fell from over 5ft right onto my big toe, and I let out a great “FUUUUUUCK!” after which, I felt virtually no pain. Didn’t even need pain medication throughout the next day, even though the toe was totally destroyed and needed reconstruction. It may have been my fucking language, or maybe the weight actually just severed a nerve, who knows?

  4. He said that every language has swear words, but from what I learned from my Japanese teacher, Japanese has no swear words, its the how you say it and the emphasis or harshness of how you say it that can make it seem as if it is a swear.

    For example in an anime you might hear a character say "kuso" and the translation says "shit" when in reality they're literally just saying, "poop/fecal matter".

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