1. You know I thought my sober self wasn't worth shit, and years I was smoking marijuana but it got me no where but induce manic bipolar type 2 and psychosis and got me into a psych ward cause of the codependency I had on it. I have a chemical imbalance right now, but I've really quit and realize I am talented in art. I just have to stay consistent. Mark my words as my soberness goes from weeks to years and beyond, I'll be known, believe me. I will be known.

  2. hey daylyt, i feel the same way about Dabs & Extracts/ Concentrates
    Even the Distillate vaporizer pens bro
    They make my head feel fried
    Its way different from whole plant matter (buds)

    Im never really touching concentrates again, there is really nothing fun or cool about it

    Maybe if youre like fucking dying , and have lost limbs, but in general the high is not even fun lol

    Ive always been a flower smoker, i dont give a shit if that "dab shit" is stronger, its not a better high, it melts your brain, and it literally gives me migraines. that shit is literal dope. for dopeheads.

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