1. TAC is just Total Active Cannabinoids. That number is just the THC, THCA, CBD, CBC, CBN, and CBG percentages added together. You wouldn't add TAC and THC. If you're being generous, you could add the THC and THCA % because under heat THCA converts to THC, but that would still only be like 19% THC.

  2. G I’m a MA patient and the grape ape wax is FIRE. Very indica heavy on the body but left me alert mentally. Theory wellness is one of our medical only dispensaries and they just dropped triangle mints clockin in at 33.1%!! Wish you could experience some other places mass has to offer, it’s really comin together. Great review as always brother.

  3. That would be the highest # …and actually they are more or less the same thing .. and I’m gonna have to go with the domnesia Because I never heard of that one before, b good Gregory keep the videos comin 👊🏻

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