CG Kid shares his vision for recovery advocacy with Cornbread Hustle Live | Hangry Hustler

In this video, well-known recovery advocate CG Kid shares his vision for recovery advocacy for drug addiction with Cornbread Hustle’s live segment – Hangry …


  1. I come from a family that has struggled with addictions (especially to alcohol) and have been able to relate and really learn a lot through these videos. I’m really excited for what stupid things they attempt to teach next year in my health class as school.

  2. CG Kid I’m a sub of yours and an active Heroin addict, As well as moderate drinker and i also flirt with other things but opiates has always been my DOC. I have just discovered a video here on YouTube called “ Everything you know about addiction is wrong” and it’s really interesting and inspiring in some sense. I wanted to see what your thoughts were on the video and the concept. Please respond when you can.
    Thank you, Cam

  3. hey man did you ever try LSD/Acid? can you please reply or make a video on it. because i’ve done it and i’m very interested in your experience because mine was beautiful the first time (roughly 6/7 tabs over the course of 24 hours (also off of a hulk xanax or “schoolbus” and a 20mg adderall)) and then a week later did just one tab off the same sheet and actually had an experience of what hell would resemble to me and i still have psd from it just thinking about the fact i did it makes me queezy/anxious and i think triggered anxiety for me. please respond or make a video on it! thank you!

  4. I’ve been saying for years that the programs like dare don’t do anything. They make you want to do drugs at least for me. I’ve always said the education system doesn’t teach us anything about drugs or substances. AND YEA SO MANY PEOPLE Didn’t know heroine was an opiates that their grandparents take in pill form it’s sooo sad how uneducated people are. So happy you realize this cause I feel so alone in that thought process.

  5. This guy is a great story teller and can give some good advice. But when it comes to you texting him or calling because in his videos he always says "if you need someone to reach out to I'm here and my number is in the description below" all this dude will do is advise that you go to Aa meetings and other recovery programs and so on so forth. And then will never message you back 😑 like ok doing it for the views and some extra cash l, his main motive pretty much everyone's main motive but the way cg or whatever the fuck his name is. He is doing it to a very vulurnablle group of people and it's fucked up

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