HIGH FRIENDS! On tonight’s live stream we celebrate the holidays with CBD infused hot cocoa, using Premium Jane’s full spectrum CBD oil. We recap the best …


  1. The CBD craze is outta control , check out VOX channel the CBD craze explained , i sent a sample (huge ) to a lab for testing (took waayyyy longer than expected ) and the result were soooo dissapointing , IT NEW ITS HUGE ITS YET TO BE PROVEN .ps i hit the thumbs up cause i luv u 2 .

  2. Egg Nog
    6 Eggs
    3/4 Cup Of Sugar
    1 Pint Of Cream
    1 Pint Of Milk
    1 Pint Of Whiskey-Rye, Blend, Or Bourbon
    2 oz. Of Rum (Full-Bodied)

    Beat Separately The Yolks And Whites. While Beating Yolks, Add 1/2 Cup Of Sugar. Beat Whites Stiff, Adding 1/4 Cup Of Sugar. Mix Whites With Yolks, Stir In Cream And Milk. Add Whiskey And Rum. Stir Thoroughly And Chill In The Refrigerator. Serve Very Cold. Sprinkle Each Serving With Nutmeg If Desired. Make 5 Pints.

    Add Cannabis Too If Desired!

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