“cannabis laws need to be justified” Greg de Hoedt UKCSC, BBC Radio 5 – Nov 7

Greg de Hoedt speaks to Sarah Brett and Tony Livesey on the drive home at BBC Radio 5 Live after a full day of cannabis talk. There is a growing number of …


  1. illegally alive or legally dead ?
    Glad you made the right decision Greg, ukcsc courage continues to impress, still a long way to go but thanks to ukcsc & other organisations I'm hopeful change will come sooner, keep fighting hard people or I fear we will lose our culture in legislation & corporatism, Spanish style clubs/ukcsc gets my vote every time…… by far the best system to date.

  2. No response on FB or here, even know they are responding to useless comments, I think this is a sham they just talk talk to give the illusion of legalizing it, what load of crap and broadcasted on the BBC and we all know they chat shit & are Pedo's.

  3. Why is this mug ‘Greg’ speaking on behalf of cannabis users? Who gave him the authority? He’s such an obvious shill and liar it’s laughable. Anyone who is interested in legalisation or even authority approved decriminalisation is barking up the wrong tree. The only way to go is total non compliance hopefully leading to an organic decriminalisation that does not involve any legislation. Think about it you fucking morons!

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