1. Fuck my stupud shitty dysfunctional family, dont care about them piece of shit, greedy spoiled selfish unbelievers piece of shit!, proud that I take things for granted, im unemployed cuz of them, not gone anywhere much cuz of them, about get kicked out of the house but that's okay. But i know for a fact I'll be a better father figure and a good role model than them shits and giggles, hahahahahahaha!!!

  2. my dad works on the other side of the country, he leaves on sunday and returns on friday. Sometimes I wish he was gone all week. He is mean, we've had alot of meetings with the social services, when I was 11 I had to have an interview with a lady about my dad hitting me and my sisters. He doesn't beat us, just got some anger issues and gets pretty mad.
    My mom is alone with Three chaotic kids who can't stay in school. She is so sick and tired of Everything, she's been taking anti-stress pills for her heart.
    My oldest sister is struggling with depression right now and the middle sister has also had past experiences with it. I am the youngest.
    I get that my parents are trying their best, and that they stay together for us and because they cant deal with us on our own, but if I were them, I'd break up and try to find someone else.
    I want to be able to behave normally and stay in school with good grades but im not capable of that atm. Ive been asking my parents for help for the last Three months cause I cant stand feeling this way and Im scared that I will do something selfish and stupid with myself.
    Finally I'll get help in January. Yay

  3. All of your messages are so touching Ea. I feel like success is misinterpreted in the current world because it can have so many meanings. Money is important but we have to control it so it doesn't control us.

  4. Something my parents told me the other day really struck me they said “ we don’t live or work, to retire” and it’s true we go on trips they help pay for my brothers university they pay for sports trips and we have good Christmas’s, I think I will always remember that

  5. Sir, my name is jaye, I am an 11 year old and watch many of your videos. I believe in everything you do. Especially your “man vs earth.” Please, we need you to run for president. I do whatever I can but nobody listens to me because I’m young. I won’t stop trying to change the world, to make it safer. To create more love than hate, but I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say you need to run for president… I need you to… if you see this, if ANYONE sees this, please. We need him to run for president.

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