Antdeezy Am On Quitting Codeine Addiction After Pancreatitis, Arrest, Spending $35k On Cough Syrup

Detroit born/West Palm Beach, FL residing rapper, Antdeezy Am, sits down with DJ Smallz and explains what sipping on prescription cough syrup did for him, …


  1. Proud that u were able to over come it all on ur own! That’s awesome great willpower! I think it’s great that u choose to talk about it in hopes that it may help someone else! Hope u stay on the same path!

  2. I've been dealing with pancreatitis for 10 years now. I don't drink or smoke or chew. I'm having a huge flare-up right now. the doctors DONT CARE here at Altru! I have a disabled son to care for and I have a business. HELP PLEASE!!

  3. As a patient with chronic pancreatitis , I seriously wonder what plans are there for pain management with our group in the future, the Government as you know is cutting our pain medications to the point that relief is becoming impossible. Creon and diet is just not enough most of the time. The emergency room staff and most of our Doctors have their hands tyed and at a loss as what to do? What encouragement can you offer for the future? Quality of life has become severely altered since these restrictions have been placed on us. I feel like our options and hope has been taken away. Most of us are enduring extreme pain and it seems like no one has any idea how serious this pain can be. I know that this medication isn't the whole treatment plan but it is an important part when nothing else works or during a bad flareup.

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