1. YouTube has screwed me too by taking most of my videos down too and keeps doing it. I’ve talked to you a couple times in the past. As someone with tons of experience I have to say, your my favorite guy to watch and I tell my friends to watch you too. I’ve asked you to join our forum on growweedeasy.com too. I hope it all gets straightened out bro! We miss ya

  2. love your videos dude! dont let it get you down. your video's really helped me to start growing!

    if you are reading this go like his facebook and recommend it!!

  3. YouTube needs to wake the heck up! Your channel has nothing but professional informative videos on it. I was pleasantly surprised when I found this channel after sifting thru the plethora of ignorant stoners with videos saying how cool they were and check out the DANK or whatever. I really think your channel is like an encyclopedia and will gladly sign/support your appeal to YouTube. Keep up the good fight man, we all are behind you!!

  4. Keep it up man! fantastic work and don't let it get you down.
    People are slowly changing their way of thinking across the globe. I cant tell you how vital your video's have been with my grows.
    Don't give up.

  5. keep up the fantastic work. you mean a lot to the new growers community providing crucial and innovative ideas. hope to continue seeing more contents from you. good luck.

  6. I was mad also cause this channel really helped . I'm here trying to search ur low stress training video again cause I'm currently in flowering, but I'm glad u have more content elsewhere I'll def check it out hope you get your channel back asap !! Can't wait love your content

  7. Dude! I freaked out. Thank you for now updating different sites. I have never used Reddit but still pathetically created an account and posted a question hoping you would answer. Obviously making this update was stressful for you as you can tell in your voice, but thank you.

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