ECO Styler Gel is CANCELED!!! | Bri Hall

Yikkkkessss. I use ECO so much on my natural hair! What do you guys think about these ECO Styler Gel and mainstream gel ingredients? It’s not just the black …


  1. Can I just say that I used to have a lot of edges. I have edges still but I used to have a lot but while using eco theyโ€™ve been going away. The front of my hair is thinning badly. I never thought about eco. Now Iโ€™m concerned ๐Ÿ™

  2. People need to appreciate this more they just showed on my local area news how theyโ€™re are toxic chemicals in MOST black hair products and have been proven to have health effects over time . Thereโ€™s an article in AJC most of the toxic chemicals arenโ€™t even listed on the products

  3. So er'body only like the information when it is information YOU LIKE but the minute someone has been enlightened and SHARES contradicting info they the Devil? Eco Styler is what worked on HER hair and if it works on yours and you are OK with the health risks… the by all means continue. I take all these videos with a grain of salt. I loved ECO until it started thinning out my edges… Crazy. but that is not everyone's experience. Do I still love Bri's Hair? yep Do I care if stops using ECO? Nope.

    (Mind you I have thick 3c/4a hair… (49yrs) first time in history of my hair… a GEL took my hair out. Now I am on a Essential oil Hair regimen to grow my edges back to their previously thickness. Dermatologist recommended Rogaine… Hah!)

  4. This is so crazy because I've been natural for 1 year and I just bought eco gel 5 days ago. And I could not figure out why all of the sudden my scalp is itching. I haven't used gel in my hair in 16-17 years. I stopped using gel on my permed hair! Won't be using thus no more

  5. Whistleblowers are never appreciated. Asbest was also seen as amazing yet it was banned remember. Look she is not saying don't use it. She is saying what she heard and bringing it to light. Information is all over the internet you can choose to ignore it.

    And really you have to be a scientist to produce information? How do you think the first scientists came to be.

    I was wondering why my eyes were lightly burning. Guess I know now. All I know in the end in this day and age now you have to choose your poison. Idk if i'm still going to use eco. We'll see but I am also glad that I know

  6. I had the same watery eyes immediately had a runny nose and my head felt like it wanted to explode …my whole body felt like it was shutting down … it was crazy ๐Ÿ™ I was so confused I was like is it the gel !?? I didn't know what to do at the moment I just thought maybe my hair just needed to dry

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