1. I would love to hear a video dedicated to your thoughts on market makers, market psychology (even how you learned about it), the impact of algo's and bots on the market and how they work. You always mention it but it would be interesting to see a video just on that. Market makers can make a stock crash, can they also make the market crash? I think I remember you mentioned one time there was a market maker in your chat group (I could be wrong because my memory is hazy) did you get to pick their brain?

  2. Great vid. Personally I think when everyone thinks the sky is falling, the sky will not fall. We are going thought the exact same news cycle that we go through with every correction. If you check CNBC articles from any correction they always depict the end is near. They are wrong every time. A lot of people seem to forget that market corrections are very healthy for the market. Next week will most likely just be high volume sideways trading with larger swings.

  3. I'm looking to see if SPY breaks first resistance at 265 right off the bat on Monday, otherwise I'm looking for it to go down to 261, and I'll watch to see if it bounces there or breaks through it.

  4. Everyone pretty much seems to be looking down… And my (unprofessional) opinion, is that if everyone is calling it or preparing for it, it will happen to a lesser degree or something will happen and just surprise everyone and make them FOMO back in/cover.

  5. 2008 won't be forgotten easily. I differentiate the current situation from 2008 as a technical recession rather than a crisis recession. The 10&2 yield inversion is within $0.20. My concern is how low the yields are in this inversion event. It gives the Fed little room to lower rates. That is concerning, a government liquidity crisis rather than a banking one.

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