What’s Crystal Meth Addiction Like? Former Meth Addict Shares Her Subjective Experience

In this video, a former crystal meth addict with 11 years sober shares her subjective experience with this dangerous substance. Help Support this Channel: …


  1. Just found out my dad does Crystal I was so shocked I could not stop crying we are getting him help soon but he said he can quit on his own I don't know if I believe him because over when I was a kid at 15 I found a meth pipe and my mom said o your dad found it from one of his co workers but now I know about his addiction and I said dad I love you and I want you to stop of course the meth fucks with your mind how did you stop ?

  2. Currently working in a drug rehabilitation center. Its helpful to hear different stories about how people went through with their addiction. Currently working on several psychological reports. Wish me luck! 💕

  3. I reeeally think you’re on something, there’s a light shining in your face so why are your pupils so abnormally big and even when you look around your pupils stay the same size

  4. Its strange to think all this goes down in dallas. Im from Rockwall and went to school in Dallas. Its like theres a whole underground world with drugs that only drug addicts know about. And i went to some pretty sketchy places while i lived there.

  5. Thank you for being able to talk about this!!! Very proud of you way to go!!! Question,,, why is a meth addict mean . What makes them mean. My spouse has just came forward with his addiction. He always thinks I. Cheating and being sneaky. He's just mean

  6. Ive tried meth when i was a kid never had a reliable source so i was lucky to just try it when i was younger but now as an adult and knowing people who use my addictive destructive tendies i picked it up thinking i can do it and drop it during the times i needed to get right mentaly but i was wrong you think your willpower will over come when you feel unhealthy but it will over take you and you will search and destroy for it
    If any body is just starting to dable in this tell somebody open your reailty to the real harm your brain is hiding from you

  7. Currently struggling with meth. I do it every single day for weeks, I try to stop myself, only last 2 days without cuz I end up doing again. And it all started with "wanna do a line ?" Having it ready and handing you the rolled bill. Meth addiction ain't no joke.

  8. I’ve never taken illegal drugs nor do I ever plan to, but I like hearing other people’s experiences. I’m a pharmacy student and in pharmacy you have to deal with a lot of drug addicts and those who are in the recovery process.

  9. thanks for your share hustle.. cg kid iam fom scotland. if you even stop an over dose or a death with your work.. totally need more guys like yourself cheerie m8 ricky

  10. my sister is an addict and i regularly watch your videos to get an insight on why she does what she does. it’s helped and now i don’t feel so much animosity towards her. so, thank you. i appreciate you and what you do.

  11. Hey CG, i don't exactly know how i came to watching your channel at 5:30 am, but i did and just got done watching the interview with Cornbread Hustle and it was so good! It was actually informative bcoz it showed how she got started on meth, went thru the storm and then her redemption and it's stories like this that could help a nation of our kids understand what would probably happen to them if they were lead down that rocky path called drug addiction…So i just subscribed to your channel & hope that I'll be able to share some of my drug history will you all sometime…The "devil" 😈 that rode my back off & on for years was called "dope, boy, raw, scramble" and any other name that means HEROIN!! What a fight it is to break free of that S–T….Thanx for listening!

  12. If we teach our children meditation from an early age they will grow up with more self confidence self love inner strength and stability they can face the ups and downs of life without and less likely to turn to outside substance to ease their pain and negative emotions.

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