1. Honestly you are one of the realest stoners out there!
    I’m so stoked to see another female stoner in the community to be nothing but 100% truthful. 🙌🏽💕
    Love your videos girl! 💚 stay up always!

  2. I agree that people depend on it a lot, I do as well. I don't NEED it, and I'm fine without it, but since I started my life has honestly been so much easier. It helps with my stress/anxiety/ panic attacks. It helps bring my mood up if I'm feeling down, it makes me more chill around people (I get anxiety around big groups of people that I don't know), it helps with physical pain as well! Overall, it's just really helped me, and if I could smoke it more I would, but it can be hard money wise, and law wise, lmao. Honestly wish it was legal like fr it's literally a natural herb, it grows from the ground, and it helps people, idk why it's not but yeah! love ur videos!

  3. I was diagnosed with depression & anxiety when I was 13, I’m 19 now. When I was about 14 I went on medication & im still taking it now but I smoke a good 4-5 times a week, it helps me calm down and helps me just kind of relax. My anxiety and depression and mood swings can get really bad sometimes and smoking has definitely helped me a lot more than I ever thought it could. I don’t think I’m “addicted”, I just think it’s kind of like a medicine to me ya know? Idk. Especially because my medication gives me some crappy side effects sometimes like bad acid reflux and stomach pain://

  4. Agree! People are way too fast defending their favorite herb sometimes… too quick to pull the ”it’s not addicting”-card as soon as someone mentions it.
    I’m glad to see someone who loves weed as much as I do, but can still see things from more perspectives than one.
    Love your vids btw! Peace.

  5. I smoke weed because of my anxiety, depression and anger issues. It definitely has helped me so much with my anger and helps me calm down more than most things, and I would say that I dont consistently have a dependancy for it, because some days are worse than others but I can't seem to pull myself away from it at the same time.

    Edit: I forgot to mention that I get really painful migranes sometimes and I know that whenever I feel that pain coming on, I can always load up a bowl and know its gonna be ok, so its definitely made a difference to my issues with pain in my body, also I've been trying to gain more weight since I've checked charts and stuff for how much I should weigh based on my hight and I always find that I'm mildly underweight. I know that weed can give you the munchies but I had never really had munchies with smoking weed before until I found a strain galled gorilla glue and oh my gosh has it made a difference haha, now I get the munchies lile crazy so its just neat to look back and look at all the times smokimg has helped me 😄😄

  6. I'm on meds for bipolar and apparently it's bad for those who are bipolar but I loveeeddd getting high soooo much I kinda stopped doing school work and stopped sleeping when high tho so guess I just wasn't mentally healthy enough to be a productive stoner

  7. i’ve realized recently that i’m definitely dependent on weed. i have depression and anxiety and it helps sooo much. i don’t like taking prescriptions because i don’t want to become dependent on something that can give me actual withdrawals. when i can’t smoke i don’t feel like myself and i definitely give into my anxiety way more.

  8. There's a difference between "addiction" and "dependency" though. An addiction has strong withdrawal effects; heavy sweating, fever, shakes, irritation, headaches, etc. You can, and many are, addicted to caffeine, withdrawals are pretty bad, many have felt the headaches caused by not having that cup of coffee in the am. Dependency, however, is a need for something that helps you deal with chronic issues. My mother depends on her cane to walk, sure she can walk without it, but not as easily and with pronounced pain. Many people who consume cannabis do so to help relieve mental and physical issues that cause us huge problems in day to day life. So with that said, just about every stoner is dependent on cannabis, and that's not bad. Better than being addicted to the opiates they prescribe.

  9. I thought I was the only one who felt this way. I've been smoking weed a lot these past couple months and I feel myself finally letting loose. I have made more friends and it's easier for me to actually talk to people. Really helps with anxiety. Thanks for bringing these sort of things to light!! Loved this video.

  10. Weed makes me less anxious and more productive and focused. That doesn't seem to be the case for a lot of people, but hey if it helps, it helps! I would say that I'm quite dependent on it, but like you said, in many ways its better than a prescription drug dependency.

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