1. MAYOCHUP is actually really good, I always mixed those two things together when I would eat french fries cus we've had that for many years in Colombia, we call it Pink Sauce

  2. That weed infused soda sounds like a plan that'd pop-up in someone's mind when they're high already…

    *Hits Blunt*
    "Dude – You know what'd be cool?"
    "What dude?"
    "What if we could drink coke while we're doing coke ?"


  3. I literally just got done cooking a potato in the microwave right before I watched this.
    Oh and Utahans have been making "mayochup" for eons!!!! Its called FRY SAUCE!!! I love fry sauce.

  4. Thank you, microwaves, for not making us face the truth about our cooking skills, and just labeling the button 'I have no idea how long to cook this burrito for.. try, oh.. 3 minutes?'

  5. The Thank You Notes segment is great, however it needs to be updated. While physical letters are appreciated, it is 2018 and we need to conserve paper. Understanding you may reuse the same prop pile from week to week, it would be nice to see Thank You Notes go green. Use that laptop (more potential sponsors?) Just a subliminal idea!

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