1. Hi dude. I come from poor family in Indonesia. I want to help poor people arround me and my family .that is why I want to be succesful in this skill. There are some people in my country that succeed in this business but the make course and sell book too expensive for us as poor people, so we get very hard find a mentor who want to help. Not help to gevi money but help to master me in trading skill only. I have tried trading since six months ago. I love to do it. And every day I learn and see the market. But I still loss, maybe I don't know how to buy and sell Rightly. I saw you are very clever in trading. Please teach me to one of successful trader like you. I always put my knowledge as a gift from God, and no show-off. One again I don't beg your money dude. I just want you teach me to master in trading. The primary reason why I want to succeed is too help the poor people success too in my village. Thank you

  2. It's pretty amazing that you still Rock the $3000 2nd hand gold plated rolex that you bought from Craigslist in 2013. A person with actual money would scoff at anything under 6 figures, while also replacing it more frequently.

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