Pax 3 Dry Herb & Extract Vaporizer Review & Directions 2018 FREE SHIPPING

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  1. Samantha,

    I’m in a trade/field where I notice things. You could say I’ve been successful in many ventures. Design could be my middle name for all you know… but,
    When I watched you putting your finger in the ‘0veN’ I immediately felt like you had never used a PAX until that day you made your little marketing venture utilizing YouTube to top it off. I’m obsessed with how much I can read you as you watch yourself in the monitor you’re using to see yourself. 🤔
    Always look at the lens, like it’s your best friend. You won’t have that ‘player’ look, and then finally and only after you stop looking at yourself, you will feel your true aura grow and we YouTubers will thank you.


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