Ontario Cannabis Store Review – Edison – La Strada (Acadia) (Sativa) – 14.9% THC, 0.07% CBD

Part 1 of 5 in a mini series titled ‘The Chronic Chronicles’. For my first review I tried La Strada (Acadia). It was okay, it broke up well but looked very basic and …


  1. Like the energy. I been on YouTube sometime doing the cannabis thing. Legal or not. It is a violation of the YouTube community guidelines to use cannabis in videos. Period. You can receive strikes and have your channel shut down by YouTube overlords. #fact. It is also a violation [illegal] as per our STUPID new Cannabis Act to expose minors to cannabis like this. You should age restrict your content [I do] to be exempt from YouTube community guidelines be inline with the law. Just saying. This is your channel and you can do as you please. Keep em coming!!!

    Now subscribe or I will come and take all your cannabis! 🙂 STAY HIGH!

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