1. The reason the Librats dont want the illegals gone is they would lose their slave labor force. You dont honestly think your gonna see some hipster in his romper and man bun out in the fields picking his own lettuce do ya?

  2. Here in Northern California, any Mexican with a B1/B2 tourist visa can buy a car, get insurance and a driver's license, work illegally, and not even pay taxes. They can earn around $500 per day trimming marijuana plants in places like Gold Run, Monte Vista, Dutch Flat, Alta, Baxter, Grass Canyon, Nevada City, and all around the vicinity.

    I have been reporting this with ICE for over a year, but nothing gets done.

  3. Realy? I live in palm springs. Making $10 hr paying constantly for livescan and badges.. I'm not making shit. I'm sick of the licenses that are for people working around children, elderly or churches, schools. I'm being punished for wanting to work. I was on welfare needed a livescan and was told no. We will not help you get that job. I'm disgusted that places like Cannadescent who charge top dollar but pay employees shit. Treat them like shit ( promise them work but it's sporatic). I def want to work where ever these trimmers are.

  4. Good afternoon, can some information or job contact read marijuana? I am from Serbia, there are plenty of us who will come to work just let us know what and how to apply and who we are coming from !!! Greeting

  5. I typically trim legal cannabis for a living, I trim several hundred pounds per harvest, year-round, I earn no less than $35 per hour plus weight. I make a very good living, legal or otherwise.

  6. Thanks for the surge in homeless people here in Northern California now the system is overburdened and it has become the number 1 crime spot in California surpassing Compton and Oakland. Also any person who grows who has integrity does not hire trimmigrants to do a job that a machine can do faster cheaper and a thousand times cleaner on the microbial level. if you want to trim grow your own damn weed where ever you live instead of coming here.

  7. lol like how this video is out in 2017 uh im pretty sure trimming outdoor is dead no sense in paying someone to trim weed that is gonna sell for nothing might aswell use a machine or just turn it into concentrates maybe 20 years ago people where making money trimming idk about now but i still see these fucking retards they must be getting payed 10 bucks a pound

  8. so retarded….the emerald triangle is not where all the weed comes from…..look farther north….hell, check out the counties grow laws…..shasta county has some of the laxest grow laws in the entire state…..Hayfork is where the growers go to get product while waiting on their own crop…..both places north of the "emerald triangle"…..get your facts straight ABC….

  9. wish I could have a job like that I bust my ass here in Texas building swimming pools all year around an make about 20 to 30 a year feel like a slave doing the same routine everyday what a life, I guess they say I'm living the American dream

  10. I don't get paid by the pound I get paid by the hour thank God. $20. Bucks. And our shit goes through a trimmer so I'm only picking crow's feet off.

  11. buy touching the bud over and over again and this loveless cutting u ruine the bud totaly … they all look round , u ruined the individual look of each bud totaly …

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