Midas Letter RAW 109: Supreme Cannabis, Cannex, Heritage Cannabis, and Cannabis Market Analysis

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  1. Love the new design, would look great outlines in The Midas orange instead of white.

    Longtime everyday watcher, I just don’t always get the chance the watch live.

    I’m 100% into the cannabis market for about 2-3 years now. I’m fully invested everyday even if I’m not trading everyday. I have numerous amounts of questions about 15+ companies I could ask, but what I seem to be the most important and not talked about thing: We are due for a market crash, we are either in the beginning of one or it’s coming at end of 2019…What can we expect to see in the Cannabis sector once this happens? Thanks

    My strategy is buy and hold long(7-20year) and buy on the dips, I have about 15 cannabis stocks and once a crash happens my averages are low enough that I’m going to buy even more at desirable prices.

    Example: I liked Canopy at $50.00USD, but I love them at $32.00USD

    Mindset: buy great long term high growth profitable cannabis companies that will change the world for the better.

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