Marijuana legalization advances in NH House

New Hampshire House lawmakers approved a bill Tuesday that would legalize the recreational use of marijuana in the state. Subscribe to WMUR on YouTube …


  1. It will put drug dealers who sell heroin and adulterated pot out of Business. YES dope dealers who sell Poison adulterate pot with PCP, Angel Dust, Heroin and Meth to get unknowing kids who buy pot to get addicted to Hard Poison drugs mentioned.
    Controlled regulations such as Colorado enacted puts these undesirable poison pushers out of business. A major Win for the safety of children.
    Keeping it illegal only makes poison addictive drug dealers easy to adulterate non physically addictive marijuana extremely dangerous.
    With having such a high problem with Heroin and METH in NH we are harming more than helping our State IMO as well as many citizens who want this Crisis to END. đź’ź

  2. It was published drug use of marijuana declined in States such as Washington DC as well as Colorado once LEGALIZED CONTROL TOOK EFFECT for Minors. FACT illegal narcotics drug dealers do NOT CARD Minors. Yea it's a huge concern as long as NH continues to allow mafia control rather than Legalized Control our children as. well as public are at a greater harm. Opiate use declined 42 percent also which is shared in link attached

  3. You need to have these republicans that say there in the middle of a drug epidemic it's opoids that are the problem look into any country that legalized drugs Uruguay there heroin epidemic is almost over the Netherlands just did it they have low crime no gang activity with drugs there totally cut them out of the picture you need research look to Israel and there fifty years of medical marijuana research look it all up it's fact not some old white guy saying it's horrible because of and you can pick a stupid answer most all of them give register and vote for better than this

  4. I am pleased this bill passed,,,, It has been too long that New Hampshire has lagged behind,,, losing all our valuable educated young people to Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, Colorado, and now California. The Fact that these laws are still putting young people at risk of the 3 fines system that is in place now,, And the Amount of those fines is Not Improving the rate of college students, college graduates, the Best of the Best are Not going to stay in NH and risk having their wholes Lives,, (working life,, , Good Jobs, Stable Environments RUINED for such a trivial thing,,,, The ability to leave this state,,, make More Money,,,,,,, have many more Job Options,,, (even as close as Massachusetts,, where MANY have moved to already),,,,,, The Young People are FED UP,,,,,, they are going to continue leaving the state,,, Taking a HUGE asset of youth and vitality to Any Place but NH,,,,, Please get this done,,, It must and can't lag behind,, thank you

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