1. Managing the holidays is a nightmare when bedbound with severe malnutrition Gastroparesis flare for a year so weak at 22% weightloss in 5 mths and the UK NHS won’t help me.. I’ve also had to re-apply for disability so I have no finances at all this year and being a single mum my kids won’t be getting anything this year feel dreadful for them but nothing I can do.. sending you lots of love from the other side of the pond the UK 🇬🇧❤️❤️

  2. Hi Jaquie and Harlow i have cerebral palsey which is being difficult to manage right now i do look forward to your video alerts stay strong keep fighting 😀😀😉

  3. I took a big nap after Thanksgiving lunch/dinner for about three hours since I went home not feeling well and it helped so much. Honestly if I feel exhausted on Christmas I'll do the same thing and that helps when my POTS flares up.

  4. I have a HUGE tip!

    So I send an email to all family members before the holidays, updating them on my health. I also add in the email that I can't wait to see them, but I would prefer not to talk about my health on the day because it's exhausting having to repeat and update everyone in person and individually. I add that I may need to rest, but that I will still check in and visit with loved ones.

    I have a massive family, and although they are incredibly caring and have them best intentions, sometimes its just too exhausting and overwhelming to repeat and share constantly.

    This works WONDERS and has massively improved my ability to get through the holidays! I am cheering for you all!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! We are going to my daughter's for dinner on Friday since she and her fiance went to his folks' today. It is also my husband's birthday. I mean, the 22nd was. I like your tips! 🙂

  6. Jacquie, I’ve been wondering if you have ever seen a therapist for counseling? Not saying you need it, just curious if you ever have done that, in relation to your multiple health issues.

  7. I love spending Christmas and new years eve with my family.. Mostly I like spending new years eve with them cause we shoot up fireworks (don't live in U.S.) people will do that for 30 minutes to an hour or even longer! But my favourite Christmas was few years ago when I and my parents went on a two week vacation over Christmas, there were no cleaning, cooking (went out to eat 3 corse meal) and then just back to the hotel and relaxed 🙂 Would love to do that agin but some family members got mad and upset that they where not invited on the vacation or that we didn't have Christmas together…..

  8. So true to struggle trying to keep up, you are so right, reassessing for a real view on what to do.Naps are great. Great you have a loving family, praying for everyone to have those to help. You are right again, kind is good, when we start with ourselves we can then be kinder to others. We used to do Christmas Eve night too as well as on Christmas Day, so on the Eve we do it earlier like 4 in the afternoon and get to bed with movies and sleep. Then on the Day we wake up late and do something in the afternoon but also hang in the evening. Great tips so glad you share, makes me think too. Blessings to you all, stay strong as you can.

  9. It really p….. me off when family or when I hear of families not understanding or wanting to understand stuff like this. But I'm glad for you Jaquie that your family is trying to be understanding. Families should understand and should have your back not only in times like this, but have your back all the time….. ☮️

  10. 12 with a VERY bad case of Tourett's syndrome. not going to go into detail because the list of all my tics is looooong. but like some chronic illnesses it makes you very tired because tics are exhausting. and the more tired you get the worse the tics get. see, its an endless cycle.😴

  11. Well said Jaquie! It is so important to have very good & strong boundaries. Also, knowing and respecting your own limits = saving your mental and physical health.

  12. Baked a small turkey and tried to make this an easy meal for today but autoimmune fatigue and headache plus fighting sore throat…it has all caught up with me. Tomorrow to grocery store and cooking for our Saturday Thanksgiving get together with hubby's family. Just praying I can hold up thru it all. 😧

  13. My family doesn’t celebrate holidays anymore. My dad has an old leg injury and I have hEDS, POTS, MCAS and GP. It’s just us and holidays are too much work.

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving Jacqui!

  14. I have a sister who is on the Spectrum, and they get she has to pull away. I am not. But I still struggle with holiday, and they don't get why even though they know my challenges. But I do the best I can

  15. Happy Thanksgiving Jaquie to you and your family! A suggestion I have is to take breaks. Today I had a rough day, But I still was able to help my mom get dinner ready, and spend time with family but I also excused myself a few times to lay down in bed for a few minutes. Not all of my family is supportive and understanding of my health, But I'm thankful for the one's who are.

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