Gardening At Night + Best TIME To Water Cannabis Plants

Today on Lex’s World – How To Prevent Light Shock by your Cannabis Plants at night and is there an ideal time of the day to do your watering. Green LED …


  1. I think this "plants don't use green light" thing isn't true, they actually do and it effects the flavour of the plant, with it sweeter without it bitter so really the sun isn't blurple and that is what the plant ideally needs!

  2. Maybe someone can help me I just put regular tap water in my plants and they seem to be growing should I use spring water should I use nutrients like Miracle Grow can someone help me out with that please thank you

  3. I have a unrelated questions current set up is air cooled 600w which is doubled filtered and was wondering if I stuck a air freshener inside the outside filter to create a no ce scent or could the fumes backflow some who just trying to be creative to mask smells but wouldn't want to risk plant health.. thanks 🔥

  4. I don't open my tents at all during lights out. I have learned to make sure timers are working correctly have opened my tent a couple of times with timers not working correctly so no lights I check them within the first hour of when they should be on. Anyway another great video Lex I knew green light could be used now I know why?

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    Assumption that cannabis grows trichomes to protect plant from UVA light // Can I encourage more trichomes & higher potency by using ultraviolet (sun tanning bulbs)
    for a few hours a day ( simulating mountain elevation grows? )
    Thanx for sharing. Peace.

  6. This is the first video I've seen by you in which your audio is right. Yay!
    Your audio should be this good all the time.
    Extra points for good audio.
    May room reverb become an ancient memory regarding your shoots.

  7. You want to water your plants as often as they can handle. Pot size and watering frequency is what gets you the largest plants and largest yield. Bluemats or drippers + Coco. Nighttime watering wont help due to the fact that Cannabis is a C3 plants and does not photosynthesize at night. Avoiding light shock can be mitigated in other ways. Informative otherwise, just not particularly the best method.

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