1. What dosage are you using for your seizures (mg wise), and how many times are you taking it (not sure if you've changed anything since the release of the video)? I have a history of epilepsy as well and want to use CBD. Thanks for the video!

  2. I know some people that order CBD from a wholesale supplier & get it for much cheaper. They say it's a very good quality, better than the exspensive brands.
    I'm just not sure where they order from. But I would do some research online, or join some of the CBD Facebook groups. That way you can ask around about a lower price.

  3. Hello, I've read on several places that when treating seizures with CBD you should take 100-300mg daily. The lower end of the spectrum 10-50mg is used for treating pain and anxiety. You might want to try the everyday advanced and up your dosage of that.

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