“Can You Smoke Too Much Weed? – Open Opinions #5

An age old topic that’s been argued by many a stoner… Can you smoke too much weed? This quickly turns into not so much of a question of can you… but more …


  1. I get my father who makes fun of panic attacks I have but then I have my mother yelling at me to get back to the green cause I have 6 forms of seizures an panic attacks an the green really helped with passing through a seizure an getting through a panic attack clearly….. Its just like …… wait that deescalated to a better level…… I had to be alittle stupid to avoid going to the hospital for multiple days….. I dont mind….. really….. come on ppl…. Sorry if i did the wrong

  2. Hey dude I just wanna let you know that I'm fairly certain YouTube unsubscribed me from your channel. I realized that I hadn't seen any new videos from you in forever, so I looked up your channel manually and I was unsubscribed. Pretty bogus considering you've still been pumping out content just fine.

    I don't know if you've already mentioned this in a recent video at all, I only just noticed. I've never had to use the "notification bell" for any channel before, but I've never been unsubscribed from any without my permission either.

  3. If you want to preach responsibility for the plant (which I agree with) start by not using the word "weed" over and over in your video's it's called cannabis. Also don't make party videos and then make a video like this. It's mixed messages honestly. Pretty sure "4 dab's back to back" was not the responsible consumption now was it?

  4. I consume cannabis for anxiety, and chronic insomnia and depression, it is an interesting way to treat because it isn't like many drugs where there is a set dosage guideline, I basically just consume as needed. As a professional musician, it is very easy to be productive for a whole day while consuming, responsibly of course.
    I basically just dose depending on my symptoms, and to keep the amount that I am smoking down throughout the day, I vape CBD e liquid when on the go. I find that it helps me. I personally think that it all depends on what helps you.
    I completely agree with you on level Josh. When used responsibly, cannabis can improve your life vastly. Since I started consuming cannabis, my friends say that I am more socially involved, happier, and I am more open about my feelings. If you use cannabis in excess, it can ruin your life. I know people who smoke weed, and they base their entire lives around it, in a negative way, and are their lives suck. It leads them down the wrong path.

    I want to thank you for being a positive force in my life when it comes to cannabis education. I also found those huge dabs and milky bong rips very entertaining 😉

  5. Thanks Josh! I wish for more of this kind of content, and would also like a lot of micro-dosing and discussions about strains. Please stop blowing smoke in my face via my computer monitor! I have been unsubscribing from Cannabis channels where the hosts are just stoners, or trying to sell things. I am retired and micro-dosing twice a day using an Extreme Q!

  6. People play video games n watch tv when bored that's doing nothing I just like to smoke n hang wit people when bored what's the difference we both ain't doing shit either way

  7. Just wanna clarify first that I’m not coming for you josh or saying these open opinion videos are bad but here’s the thing. Even though I get you’re not trying to tell people how to live their lives or how to smoke their weed, the tone of these videos just feels very condescending/holier than thou imo. And I’m not opposed to getting your opinion out there either, but it just sounds a little on the side of judgemental dad lol either way, love you and your videos and if making these open opinion videos makes you happy, then by all means keep makin em. Just wanted to throw some hopefully constructive criticism your way ✌🏼❤️

  8. IM SO HAPPY YOU"RE BACK. I know you were probably back for a while but i just remembered Jolie was unbanned while I was watching his video today and then I immediately subbed back to you and all the great weedtubers! Im so happy YouTube higher ups changed their mind and allowed you all back on. It was stupid in the first place. It disrupted such a thriving time.

  9. Not to make a thing out of it, but the carnivore diet is definitely not healthy. For health, you should extremely limit cholesterol and saturated fat & limit sodium with many fruits and/or vegetables (fruitarian can be completely nutritional).

  10. I agree with your points, as I made a video about respecting people's doses when it comes to cannabis. There's a lot of people in the community who say "if you can't take a 50mg edible you shouldn't smoke at all" when a 5-7mg edible is all I and a lot of others really need. However I really dislike the smugness you portray in this video. Even though I agree with you. And slower did a video about CHS or whatever you should see it if it's still up.

  11. I agree with your deduction to the reason behind CHS. I've had it, I smoked 4g daily for 6 months whilst eating complete shitty foods.
    3 months free of weed and I started smoking again, albeit in lower dosages. Now it's just perfect.

    Still need to exercise and eat healthy

  12. I love what you're saying man. I know someone who smokes to self medicate, and it's starting to get in the way of his life. And I wish I could sit him down and make him listen to this. Especially since I know he LOVES your channel too. Cause he's the one who got me hooked on this show.

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