Can Christian Smoke Weed?

In this episode of “Questions With Caleb” we ask the question, can Christians smoke weed/marijuana? What does the Bible say about weed? Is smoking weed …


  1. This was really informative to listen to. I never thought of it this way, really. I have been using hemp cbd, but for medical reasons tried a couple of times some cannabis edibles to see if that would help me. I feel like using cannabis for medical reasons should be validated, legal, and acceptable. I don't use cannabis anymore (just hemp), but I do know someone battling a rare cancer and she uses cannabis, and I am all for it. Using cannabis in a way to reduce pain, inflammation, anxiety/depression/insomnia, and for mental and physical health is something I support.

  2. Oh yeah! I don’t know where you are based out of but I am a missionary that is headed to Papua New Guinea next year to translate the Bible amongst unreached people groups. Idk if you would ever cover anything related to that but I would love to help if u needed it!

  3. Agree that followers of Christ should not partake. I think that's fairly obvious. But to state that there is no evidence of it causing harm to people is way off. There are multiple studies of how weed causes a certain amount of brain damage when smoked chronically (pun intended) during the developmental years of teens and young adults (typically 14-20 ish) in many cases excessive use caused schizophrenia. Not to mention that replacing air in your lungs with smoke (of any kind) of which then affect the blood that enters your brain ( which causes you to get high) that action taking place repeatedly for years on end is in no way beneficial.

  4. You should look into the whole anointing oil and the translation on the one ingredient. There is strong argument to be made that "kaneh bosem" is Cannabis. A well known and documented plant, that seems to have kept its name fairly the same in many countries, due to the fact of it being a highly traded plant with many uses. Such a hatred for a plant that is less dangerous than water. Drink to much water, death. Smoke or eat to much cannabis, nap time. God bless

  5. You handled the topic very well, polarizing as it may be. Let me share a part of my testimony that applies to this:
    When I was 17 I stepped away from the Church and quit the worship team because I started smoking and I knew that wasn’t okay to be on my church’s worship team while doing any kind of drugs. I remember the first time I was high and how I could feel my childhood and how it felt like God was looking down upon me. I also knew full well that it was a place to escape to, like an alternate reality but I knew that if I kept smoking all the time it would become my reality. And that’s what happened. There were days I’d spend the whole day high and that became an every day occurance. I’d smoke every day at exactly 4:20 on the dot no exceptions and that lead me to drop out of college and go down a path where I almost committed suicide and was riddled with anxiety. Although one cannot become chemically addicted to marijuana I was physically addicted to it and made it an idol in my life. I was playing bass at a new church now but I’d go high every Sunday and the message and the worship would have no affect on me. But God began to restore me and one by one my addictions fell away. I’ve been sober for several months now but today’s 4:20 was harder for me to miss than most but your video actually really helped. Thank you and Praise be to God.

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