1. The corporate media will scuttle him. Even the liberal late night talk shows talk about him like he is just some crazy old man. They are already in love with Beto who is the Marko Rubio of the left. He sounds good but he is more style than substance. They will try to run him for his age and he gets chewed up by Trump in debates looking like a pansy.

  2. To Be honest, I like politicians who "feel" more REAL to me…less FAKE!This is why Clinton, Dubya, and Trump won, they shot from the lip! Even Obama who in his "quiet" moments when he wasn't giving a speech, could speak the "Charlie Sixpack" language. At the end of the day, it's their PLATFORM and agenda that truly matters!

  3. Voters arn't anti-establishment. That's a catchphrase voters use when they don't have time or abillity to express themselves to a microphone. It's a catchphrase of reporters and pundits doing all of their out of touch "meta-politics" like the political junkies they are.

    Voters vote for issues. If those issues happen to be outside of establishment politics then that is going to look anti establishment.
    Those issues need to be strongly argued for not weakly. So it'll look even more anti-establishment and politicians who support it weakly but still support will look like the establishment.

  4. Bernie is the president our nation deserves … talking policy substance, spreading ideas that would tangibly benefit so many people … no wonder Bernie's our nation's most popular politician.

  5. Progressives have to STOP! saying 'free'. TANSTAAFL. Our policies WILL be paid for damn it.
    How about 'Higher Education For All' ?
    You say 'free' and some hear 'freeloader' We must stop feeding them talking points.

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